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Reasons to invest

1 Strategic location and modern infrastructure

Navarre is strategically located in northern Spain, and shares 163 km of its border with France, allowing easy access to the wealthiest and most industrialized countries in Europe.

Navarre is at the crossroads of two major Spanish logistics corridors: North-South (Paris - Madrid) and East-West (Bilbao - Barcelona), allowing access to markets with more than 100 million consumers in Spain and Europe.

Navarre has a modern natural gas and electricity network which allows large energy consumers to establish themselves in the region.

It also has next-generation technology infrastructures distributed throughout most of the region.

2 Own tax system

Due to its high degree of autonomy, the region of Navarre can maintain its own differentiated tax system:

  1.  Important tax deductions to boost productive investments
  2.  Taxes, relative to GDP, are lower than in the European Union
  3. The theoretical tax rate for businesses in Navarre is between 19% and 28% depending on the size of the company (25% in Spain). However, taking into account tax amortizations, reductions on the tax base and quota deductions, the average effective rate in Navarre is significantly lower than the average in Spain (in 2013 it was 16.8% compared to 19.6% on average  in Spain).

3 Leader in innovation and technology transfer

Navarre is the third Spanish region with the highest R&D expenditure per inhabitant, 1.73% of its GDP (2017 data). The private sector leads in R&D activity, with 68% of total R&D spending. Government of Navarre support for R&D activity has been ongoing for the past last 45 years, through aid and incentives, infrastructures, and an extensive network of technology centers.

4 Highly qualified population

The population of Navarre, along with the Basque Country and Madrid, has one of the highest levels of education and qualifications in Spain.

Navarre has excellent educational institutions; three universities, 33 professional training centers, 57 secondary and more than 255 primary schools.

Furthermore, the level of enrollment and training is high, and the educational success rate is the highest in Spain, above the European average. Sixty percent of the population has high school and/or university studies, and Navarre ranks 19th among the 271 European regions with the most highly qualified science and technology personnel

5 Aid and incentives

The government of Navarre provides financial assistance for investments in fixed assets and research and development activities. The main forms of aid are grants for investment (industrial SMEs, agri-food companies, and large companies), and R&D projects. There are also other subsidies for hiring technicians, contracting technology centers and consultancies specializing in presentations for European bids.