Roderic Van Praet
EMEA Area Manager. Alpargatas

One of the advantages of establishing a corporate office in Spain as opposed to other possible countries, is the high quality of its human resources".

Javier Targhetta

Spanish industry professionals are recognized around the world and are very highly trained. Spain has one of the highest levels of professional training anywhere, among the top 10-12 countries worldwide. Spanish professionals are able to compete with the best in the world."

Edmundo Treviño
Director. BSD ENTERPRISE España

Spain is the only country in Europe where we are currently established. We have seen that there is still a lot of room for growth in this market. In terms of the relative weight of our business, Spain is one of the most important BSD subsidiaries outside Mexico."

Jaime Malet
CEO. Cámara de Comercio Americana en España

Spain has many attractive qualities for foreign investment: a large market of over 46 million people, a Western democracy with a solid middle-class, and approximately 60 million tourists each year. It is also part of a much larger market, the EU, with the capacity for a commercial platform with at least two other main markets, namely Latin America and North Africa. Spain is very well-run. It has an excellent quality of life and attracts talent from around the world, and it has a highly developed financial system and excellent transport infrastructure."

José Enrique Moros Martínez
Head of Food Consulting Innovation. ABELLO LINDE

"The funding we obtained from ICEX has allowed us to develop all of the products throughout the project. In view of the company's own options for investment in RDI, it would otherwise have been impossible to develop these products."

Miguel Ángel Paz Clemente

"The funding received from ICEX has allowed ALTRAN to develop R&D projects in Andalusia that have generated high-value assets for the company and for the group. The experience in terms of communications with ICEX was extremely positive, and very efficiently managed, which made it easier to obtain the best results for the projects."

Julián Daich
Founder. Bioimag Soluciones de Contraste

"The project definitely had a consolidating effect on the company and gave us access to a H2020 project and to official recognition of the R&D activities carried out so far."

Amy García
Marketing director. Data Connectivity Podsystem

"The support received from ICEX allowed us to open offices in Spain. Since then, all production in research, development and innovation has been done in Spain, in addition to some of the marketing and operations for the whole group."

Sofía Benjumea
Head of Campus Madrid. Google for Entrepeneurs

“In recent years, the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem has evolved spectacularly, and has made a name for itself internationally thanks to an abundance of talent and a young and energetic community.”

Olivier Verdin
CEO. 87 seconds

"This is a very important market in Europe, and one which is enjoying significant economic growth, where there are large companies –both multinationals and Spanish companies – that are ultimately our target customers. There are also excellent professionals in the creative field."

Adrián Ferrero
CEO & Co-Founder. Biome Makers

"Spain is a good country for entrepreneurship. (...) We have numerous features that make our country the right place for new enterprises. We are therefore able to attract quality entrepreneurs capable of developing cutting-edge international projects."

Gonzalo Rodríguez
Country Manager. Knok Healthcare

"There was no solution like this at all in the health ecosystem in Spain. So we know that a solution like this could be very interesting for families, and also that we have an abundance of talent in Spain: it's an unexplored market for most eHealth companies and this is now the right moment and the best place to do it."

Olivier Verdin
CEO. 87 seconds

"Tithe fact that we have been selected from among 150 companies has strengthened our business model and processes, and we are 100% committed to the market in Spain. At an operational level, they offer us a free workspace for a period of six months – which can be extended – and funding for our initial investment in Spain, which is reimbursable."

Adrián Ferrero
CEO & Co-Founder. Biome Makers

"After obtaining the support of the programme we were able to explain to our investor that it makes sense to put money and effort into Spain. The programme increased our visibility in the Spanish market because we were a completely new company. So, this programme has helped us a lot in building our reputation and in gaining a broad presence, which has an impact on clients and potential stakeholders."

Mariano Rodríguez
CEO. Hibox

"It really helped us to make contacts in Spain’s technology ecosystem and to market our brand in the country. We took part in several interesting networking and "speed-dating" events to meet potential customers. The mentoring sessions also allowed us to professionalize our internal processes and improve our organization in general. The most interesting thing is that they adapt to the situation of each company."

Gonzalo Rodríguez
Country Manager. Knok Healthcare

"The most important one [value added from the programme] was to understand what the main challenges are that we are going to face in the coming months in Spain, and to increase our visibility in Spain. Also, the opportunity to have the best mentors for our company and team was crucial for the development of Knok in Spain."

Joaquim Antao
Commercial and Technical Manager. OP TECHNICAL CENTER

"Extremely comprehensive support that offered excellent assistance in an R&D project from beginning to end (studies, validation, product start-up). This support is also adapted to up-and-coming and recently established companies."

Fernando Barrera
Business Manager. Center for Intelligent Research in Crystal Engineering

"The project served to leverage technology development and attract more investment."

Juan Marín García

"The process of justifying the funding received from ICEX is fast, straightforward and simple."

Gloria Otín
Representative. Eltac

"The ZELULA ZERO project aims to develop self-sufficient greenhouse modules with a minimum area of 1000 m². The energy will be obtained from clean sources depending on the environment where they are located, and they will be suitable for all kinds of crops."