Flotech has offices in Sweden, Singapore, Australia and Spain

Flotech came into being in 1983 to provide the New Zeeland Compressed Natural Gas market with machinery installation services. Flotech is renowned for its compression systems adapted to the needs of the oil industry and for the generation of electricity, and since the nineties, for its technology that improves the quality of biogas (sold by its subsidiary, Greenlane).

80% of the capital of Flotech is from New Zeeland. It has offices in Sweden, Singapore, Australia and Spain.

Greenlane Biogas has 20 years experience in the field of biogas purification and is a world leader in this technology, as demonstrated by its partnerships with companies such as Kobelco in Japan and Envitec in Germany. Its competitive edge resides in the elimination of more CO2 during the cleaning process, and the consequent production of higher quality and purer biomethane, suited to vehicle propulsion and even connection to the electricity grid.

Through its Swedish subsidiary, Greenlane Biogas AB, Flotech has installed its biogas purification technology in the La Paloma waste treatment plant, which is part of the Valdemingómez environmental complex (Madrid capital). This is their second largest installation in the world.