This technology company specialising in software development was established in Argentina in 2003 by four partners. It currently has a workforce of over 17,000 professionals and is present in 18 countries. 


It works for blue chip companies such as Google, Rockwell Automation, Electronic Arts and Santander, among others. It is now focusing on the European market, preparing a hub in Spain to roll out its expansion strategy.


What does Globant's technology bring to businesses?

Globant helps companies in their internal transformation processes, among other things. One of our flagship initiatives is what we call "Augmented Organisation".


Google, Disney and Santander are some of your clients benefitting from this initiative. Do you focus on large companies?

We have worked with clients on large projects ever since our inception, but we also work with global scaleups that are reinventing business models. In 2006, Google knocked on our door and ever since then we have been adding major brands to our portfolio on an on-going basis. Our developments are also present in an endless range of products: from a popular football simulator, to Disney applications or the Magic Band wristband that visitors use in their theme parks. We have also helped develop the most important professional social network, as well as helping global financial institutions in their transformation processes, from different angles and to varying degrees. Some of our clients in Spain include Santander, Cabify and Glovo.


How important is Spain in Globant's international expansion strategy?

Although we have now been operating in Spain for a few years, we started an ambitious acceleration process in 2019, integrating new capabilities and talent. Spain is a very important strategic market for us, not only because of the large companies operating in this market, some of which are global leaders that we already work with, but also due to the talent available in this country. We are making a major commitment to our growth strategy in Europe with a large-scale expansion plan, and expect to grow in double digits in all areas. This is why we are creating a hub in Spain to leverage our expansion plan. An example of this is the Artificial Intelligence Innovation centre we recently opened in Málaga, which will allow our talented professionals to work hand-in-hand with our local clients, but also with our main global clients.


What weight does Spain have in the business?

This is currently, one of the most important markets for Globant in Europe. We trust in its potential and we are making significant investments in the Spanish business. In addition to acquiring Bluecap at the end of last year, a leading company in the design of business models in the financial industry, we recently acquired Habitant, a digital marketing consultancy firm, with the aim of enriching our end-to-end value proposition.


You recently acquired two Spanish consultancy firms, Bluecap and Habitant. Are you planning on acquiring more companies?

Globant is constantly searching for new opportunities to continue to be at the forefront of the latest trends in innovation, artificial intelligence and digitisation. We plan on making further acquisitions in the future to grow the company and we shall continue to integrate existing acquisitions. Our goal is to offer the best and most innovative services to our global clients.


In addition to Madrid, Globant Spain will also land in Málaga. Where will the company's next centre be opened in Spain?

That is correct, we have just opened our artificial intelligence innovation centre in Málaga. The search for talent is in Globant's DNA and Spain has many interesting locations with regards to technology. We currently aim to open new facilities in places in which we can find talent, while we continue to analyse what happens around us.


Has your organisational model been key to the company's growth?

We implemented a hybrid model right from the start; our offices are open spaces that foster interaction. Our approach is based on an Agile Pods Delivery model, in which cross-disciplinary teams are created to optimise the entire value chain with artificial intelligence, allowing us to provide a better service and develop the most suitable solutions, according to each case. In addition, and thanks to its usefulness, we have helped our clients implement this type of model in their companies in order to streamline their processes.


How has the pandemic impacted the business?

The first few months were complicated for everyone and we focused on being close to our clients, helping to reduce the levels of uncertainty with our extensive experience in remote work models. In May and June 2020, we started to see a quick recovery in demand. The pandemic has made it clear that companies need to be closer to their clients, now more than ever before, even if not directly. This led to an acceleration of digital transformation projects, which has allowed us to move forward with our partners and clients. As regards Globant: we are a digital native company that helps organisations reinvent themselves to grow their businesses and unleash their potential. Globant is a company that combines engineering, design and innovation on a large scale.