Salamanca / España 04/17/2018 - 04/19/2018

Hospedería FonsecaDirección: Calle Fonseca, 2
ICEX-Invest in Spain will play an active role as a sponsor of Startup Olé, Salamanca, held from September 17 to 19. It will take part in different sessions and round tables in which it will present "Rising Start Up Spain", the program for attracting foreign startups to Spain. Startup Olé is one of the key events focusing on the entrepreneurship and technological innovation ecosystem in Spain.

START UP OLÉ will take place in Salamanca from April 17 to 19. This is an important networking event that promotes direct contact with the most important actors in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe. The participants include investors, corporations and Spanish and foreign technology companies, along with accelerators and universities from all over Europe. The aim of the event is to enrich the European entrepreneurial/technological ecosystem and the culture of entrepreneurship, develop talent and reinforce the role of the universities.

As a sponsor, ICEX-Invest in Spain will play an active part in Startup Olé and be present in various sessions and round tables, where it will present the program for attracting foreign talent to Spain (Rising Start Up Spain). These presentations are important for raising awareness and broadcasting information on this program, and for highlighting the opportunities offered by the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain. It will also have an information stand in the central hall and play a proactive role in bringing together foreign investors and Spanish startups in search of funding.