ACELERAR ESPAÑA | Second edition of the internationalization program for Argentinian startups

Buenos Aires / Argentina 04/04/2018

City Convention Centre, El Cubo, Bs.As Desing
ICEX-Invest in Spain is taking part in Seminar to present the Accelerate Spain program, a softlanding program for Argentinean startups that are in the international expansion phase, which will be held on April 4th in Buenos Aires. ICEX-Invest in Spain will be part of the selection committee of the winning startups.

Acelerar España is an Argentinian softlanding program for startups currently in an internationalisation phase. They are looking for entrepreneurs who are able to set up their startup in 40 days in Madrid, with the aim of supporting them in the initial phase of the internationalisation process. The two winning startups will share an experience over 40 days in the city of Madrid where they will be able to validate their business models. They will link up with the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem and develop an internationalisation plan. At the end of the program they will be required to defend their internationalisation plan before a panel of investors and mentors.

A committee comprising leading figures in several sectors will assess the projects and select a shortlist of eight startups, who will then compete for the two places in the program. The eight startups will be announced on Monday May 7 at 2 pm. ARG.

On April 4, ICEX-Invest in Spain will attend the launch of the event to be held in Buenos Aires, and serve on the committee to select the winning startups. This program by Acelerar España is a complement to Invest in Spain's Rising Startup Spain program, designed to encourage foreign startups to set up in Spain. ICEX-Invest in Spain will also receive the winning startups in its offices during the networking week in Madrid (June 18 - June 21). During these four days, the two winning startups will be introduced to the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem, with the aim of launching them in the market.