Panel of Trade Relations Spain-Canada

Madrid / Spain 03/20/2019

Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo. Sala A
ICEX-Invest in Spain is taking part in the Spain-Canada Trade Relations Panel, which focuses on bilateral trade and investment relations between Canada and Spain, Canadian companies established in Spain, multipliers, embassies and other institutions. The panel is organized by the Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce.

ICEX-Invest in Spain will participate in the event of Panel de las Relaciones Comerciales España-Canadá (Panel of Trade Relations Spain-Canada), organized by the Canada-Spain Chamber of Spain.

In such event they will talk about the general framework of trade relations between Spain and Canada, the investments of Spain in Canada and vice versa, the similarities and differences in the reputation of both countries and it will end with a round table where business experiences between both countries will be discussed. On the part of ICEX-Invest in Spain, the executive director, Mª Jesús Fernández, will talk about the investments of Canada in Spain.