COP26 – Scale-up Safari

Online 09/15/2021 - 09/15/2021

ICEX-Invest in Spain will participate in the session COP26 - Scale-up Safari with a presentation entitled “Spain’s startup ecosystem. Opportunities”. 

The conference will be held on September 15 by the Director of Financing and Investor Relations, Alberto Sanz.


The session is part of a project developed by the Instituto de Empresa within the framework of the United Nations COP26 in Glasgow. From the international network of govtech laboratories (CivTech Alliance) and in collaboration with the UNDP, they have launched the Global Scale-Up Program, a global scale-up competition with solutions for climate change to three specific challenges: resilience and environment, reduction waste, transportation decarbonization.


The objective of the Global Scale-Up program is to bring the finalist scale-ups closer to national and sub-national governments at the international level to promote collaboration between innovative companies and the public sector in the fight for climate change.