Fanuc Robotics transfers its head office to San Cugat del Vallés

According to the local media, it has acquired a plot with an area of 29,000 square meters for 5.6 million euros

Various local media report that Fanuc Robotics, the Japanese manufacturer of industrial robots, will transfer its head office in Spain from Castelldefels to San Cugat del Vallès, also in Barcelona. To this end it has purchased a plot of 29,000 square meters in the Can Sant Joan industrial park from the Institut Català del Sòl (Incasòl) for 5.6 million euros.

Fanuc has a catalog of over 100 models of robots for all types of applications and industries. Easy-to-use, they are designed to provide the maximum yield with the minimum energy use. The company guarantees the availability of parts for over 25 years, and offers training, maintenance and other post-sales services. It also has a reconditioning and modernization service to give new life to old robots thanks to the substitution and renewal of key parts and components, thus reducing the end cost.

Founded in 1956, Fanuc currently has over 2.4 million CNC controls and 250,000 robots installed all over the world, making it the leading global manufacturer of factory automation systems. All its production is based in Japan, where it also has twelve R+D centers. In 2012, it clustered its European operations in a new subsidiary named Fanuc Europe Corporation with headquarters in Luxembourg, where it has a repair center and a parts warehouse.

The European network has 28 subsidiaries which provide sales, technical, logistical and support services. The head office of Fanuc Iberia in Barcelona coordinates the activities in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. In addition to Barcelona, the company has branches in Madrid and Oporto and a technical center in Elgoibar (Guipúzcoa), and employs 76 people.