Crowdcube and Eatable Adventures invest in the food sector

They have signed a strategic agreement to support Spanish startups in the restaurant, food and beverage sector

Alternative funding formulas to traditional banks continue growing, and crowdfunding is one of the most successful. Spanish startups related to the food sector now have a new resource for connecting with private investors from all over Europe. Food Business Angels is a new funding channel and the result of the strategic agreement signed between the crowdfunding platform Crowdcube and the accelerator of gastronomic businesses Eatable Adventures.

Food Business Angels was conceived to invest in Spanish startups in the food and beverage sector, and is a network of private investors specializing in gastronomy and created by Eatable Adventures. The entry of Crowdcube will make it easier for startups to obtain the necessary funding, as it will enable access by private investors from all over Europe.

Success stories
The Crowdcube platform has already scored some recent successes in funding startups in the sector. The Madrid-based distillery Santamanía raised one million euros in July 2017 from a total of 768 investors. Another example is the Vita Vodka distilled spirit, which in May this year increased its capital by 300,000 euros thanks to 541 investors.

According to José Luis Cabañero, founder and CEO of Eatable Adventures: “Investing in gastronomy means investing in tangible projects with high returns, moderate risk and short or medium term results”.

Pepe Borrell, general manager of Crowdcube for the south of Europe, adds: “Crowdcube aims to offer the best investment opportunities by giving access to national and international private investors who wish to diversify all over Europe and invest in gastronomic startups with high growth potential, guaranteed by our endorsement of an accelerator like Eatable Adventures”.