Israeli cybersecurity company GK8 reaches agreement with Prosegur for cryptoasset custody

It is set to deliver the most cutting-edge security systems 

GK8, an Israeli cybersecurity company, will share its know-how with Prosegur by creating a bunker for the custody of assets. Both companies have reached an agreement and implemented a solution that brings together all the infrastructure, facilities, technologies and security protocols necessary to minimize all the risk areas identified in the digital asset custody chain.  As Lior Lamesh, CEO and co-founder of GK8, points out, "the demand for this type of custody service is fuelled by the increased value of digital assets, as well as by global regulations authorising crypto use by traditional financial institutions." At the same time, hacking incidents are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, "overcoming existing storage solutions and stressing the need for custody services that keep digital assets out of hackers’ reach," he says.

The solution is composed of the most cutting-edge cybersecurity systems provided by GK8's patented technology, with Prosegur's  highest level of physical protocols and infrastructures . It is based on a "360° Inaccessibility" approach that includes over 100 protection measures in 6 integrated security layers. This prevents any possibility of physical or cyber-attack. For Raimundo Castilla, CEO of  Prosegur Crypto, "the crypto bunker offers a new dimension of security in the custody of crypto assets and is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and secure solutions globally, based on the concept of inaccessibility". This physical-digital mix provides a solution to the real problems faced by many operators in the crypto ecosystem who, as their funds grow and they become aware of vulnerabilities or insufficient capabilities, look for solutions with the highest possible level of security and trust.  

Photo: Prosegur