ICEX-Invest in Spain launches its new website

The new website portal will provide foreign investors with easy access to programs that will make it easier for them to set up in Spain

ICEX Invest in Spain is dedicated to promoting direct foreign investment (DFI) in Spain and has launched a new website: This new tool is more up-to-date and functional and will give the foreign investor easy access to the services and programs provided by Invest in Spain to make it easier for international companies to set up in Spain.

The purpose of the body is to attract new investment projects to Spain and to capture talent by means of a series of new initiatives that will benefit the installation in Spain of high-level R&D projects. These initiatives include the Rising Up in Spain and Smart Technology Fund programs and requests for participation are currently open.

The highly-qualified Invest in Spain team are also looking for financial and industrial investors for Spanish companies and startups, and undertakes Policy Advocacy tasks before the Spanish Administration to help ongoing improvement in the business climate. Another objective is to maintain the investment by means of Aftercare for and monitoring of companies that have already set up in Spain.

The structure of the new online platform focusses on Invest in Spain's four essential axes: Why Spain, with information on the country's ranking as a DFI destination; Sectors, with data on ten priority economic sectors and the corresponding investment opportunities; Establishment, with a comprehensive description of everything the foreign investor needs to know to set up in Spain; and the Here to help you section, detailing all the services and programs provided and direct contact with the Invest in Spain team.

Sections of a transversal nature have also been created that demonstrate all the potential for the Spanish entrepreneurial, innovation and sustainability ecosystem. The website also includes sections that target investors from specific geographical areas, like the China Desk, aimed at Chinese entrepreneurs and available in their language, and the Latam Desk, for entrepreneurs from Latin America.

As a meeting point between the central and regional administrations, the new Invest in Spain website provides information on the foreign investment possibilities available in each of the 17 regional autonomous communities. Finally, the new website includes details of the Secretary of State's broad foreign network of economic and commercial offices as essential points of contact for foreign companies.