Austrian company Kronospan invests 180 million euros in new plant in Tortosa

It will mean the creation of 185 direct and around 1,500 indirect jobs

The Austrian multinational Kronospan, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of wood panels, will invest 180 million euros in a new factory in the Catalunya Sud industrial estate in Tortosa (Tarragona), representing the creation of 185 direct and around 1,500 indirect jobs. The project, the largest foreign investment in Terres de l'Ebre, was announced by Roger Torrent, Minister of Business and Work in the Catalan regional government. "It will give a second life to waste materials that were previously discarded. This project is 100% sustainable and fully complies with the concept of the circular economy", highlighted Torrent.

Javier Macicior, general director of Kronospan Spain, praised "the work done in collaboration with both the Catalan regional government and the city of Tortosa", and noted that "the plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2022". He also recalled that to launch this project "we will need a whole cluster of complementary companies near the factory in order to be more competitive". Kronospan setting up business in Tortosa is a response to the company's objective of having a presence in Catalonia in order to be closer to its customers in the area, gain more effective access to the market in the south of France, and access to large urban and industrial areas. The company applies the most advanced environmental prevention techniques in all its factories, in strict compliance with the European Commission's regulations in this regard. 

Kronospan is an Austrian multinational dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of wood panels. Created in 1897 and originally family-owned, it currently has a workforce of over 14,500 workers and more than 40 factories around the world. According to the company, a further ten indirect jobs are created for each direct job in the area around its factories, and about 50% of its investments are made with local suppliers. 

Photo: Kronospan