Seat will produce an electric model for the entire Volkswagen group

It will join Iberdrola in the government-driven public-private consortium to create a battery factory

The upcoming production of a small electric vehicle for the entire Volkswagen group in Spain was announced during Seat's 70th anniversary celebrations. The news, which underscores Spain's importance to the German company in the future of electric mobility, was revealed by the King during his speech.

This commitment to developing an electric mobility ecosystem was another key idea raised during the official visit by the King and the Prime Minister to the factory in Martorell. The company reiterated its commitment to invest 5 billion euros in electric mobility until 2025, and its undertaking to produce electric vehicles at the Catalan plant. Spain is home to Europe's second-largest automotive industry, and bears a major responsibility for the objectives of the European Green Pact.

Transforming the automotive industry
According to Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen group and chairman of Seat's board of directors: "Spain can evolve into an e-mobility centre of Europe. We share the vision of the Spanish Government: the transformation of the automotive industry. The modernisation of industrial structures and the creation of future-proof jobs can serve as a powerful blueprint for the whole region".

The Volkswagen and Seat Group are heading up an ambitious, government-supported project involving other large and medium-sized companies. Iberdrola was one of the first to join this initiative. As part of this collaboration, as announced by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism a few hours before the official visit to the plant, Seat, Volskwagen and Iberdrola will join the private public consortium to be set up by the Government to launch the first battery factory in Spain.

Economic recovery and transformation
This consortium plays a substantial role in the strategic commitment by Spain's industry to develop electric vehicles in Spain. In fact, it is the focus of the first "PERTE", or strategic project for economic recovery and transformation.

As Maroto explains: "This consortium will form part of the first PERTE aimed at the transition to electric and connected vehicles. The project will develop a set of actions to ensure that Spain is provided with the necessary infrastructures, facilities and mechanisms to manufacture complete connected electric vehicles autonomously and competitively, and is evidence of the Government's commitment to continue to lead the automotive industry worldwide by championing sustainable mobility."

In addition, as part of its investment plan – which in Spain alone represents 14.3 billion euros until 2025 – Iberdrola, has signed an agreement with Seat and the Volkswagen group to supply renewable energy in the electric vehicle value chain, and to develop and create a network of public charging infrastructures.