Wisely opens office in Malaga

It is the Belgian company's first opening outside its home country and it has chosen the Spanish city due to its smart technology links

Belgian marketing company Wisely has opened an office in Malaga, its first location outside its homeland. As it announced on its website and LinkedIn profile, it had made no secret of the fact that it had been "cherishing the dream of opening an additional centre in another European location" for some time.

Now, in 2022, it underlines its excitement regarding launching new projects and intensifying its activities in the Andalusian city. In the words of its management, the choice of this new location responds  to the fact that "we believe it is fast becoming the new Barcelona...". And after the ellipsis, it explains: "Malaga is about smart technology and marketing."

The opening of the new office has started with the formation of a technical and operational support team ready to support its activities and its projected growth, with the aim of expanding its network in the Spanish market.

Retail marketing
The Belgian company specialises in retail marketing. Its solutions include the implementation of a centralised and user-friendly booking system for shopping centres. By using this solution, customers were able to secure time for shopping during lockdowns in their countries of origin.

Wisely is heir to Het Opzet, which was created in 2009 in Kortrijk, Belgium. Its founder and CEO, Maarten Decramer, developed an innovative marketing formula to attract customers to shops and cultural and leisure venues and earn their loyalty. In 2013, the idea began to be exported to other cities and towns, and its tools and campaigns were extended to shopping centres and events.

After selling that first company, Decramer founded Wisely in 2018 with the same team that had worked alongside him on his previous venture. The company put retail at the heart of its business, to serve cities, shopping streets, town centres, shopping centres and retail parks... The focus of its current work is leisure: from events and festivals to theme parks, and for which it offers medium and long-term marketing management.

Photo: Wisely