Innovation Drives Growth in Spain’s Aerospace Industry

It generates more than 210,000 jobs and had a turnover of 12.135 billion euros in 2022, 12% of which was allocated to R&D

The Spanish defence, security and aerospace industry had a turnover of 12.135 billion euros in 2022, according to the report prepared by consultancy firm KPMG for the Spanish Association of Defence, Security, Aeronautics and Space Technology Companies (Tedae). This figure is 4.6% higher than in the previous year.

The report, entitled “Economic and Social Impact of the Defence, Security, Aeronautics and Space Industry”, highlights two other details: the 12.2% of turnover that this sector devotes to R&D, making it one of the most committed to innovation; and the creation of jobs, with more than 210,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Commitment to innovation
In total, defence, security and aerospace companies invested €1.17 billion in R&D&I last year. This is 13.5% more than during the pandemic. The KPMG study directly links this development of new, 100% Spanish products and technologies to the export capacity of these companies, which amounts to 50% of their consolidated turnover.

In terms of employment, not only do the companies in the industry generate 53,541 direct jobs and 157,063 indirect jobs, but these are quality, stable jobs with salaries that are 85% above the national average, according to INE data for 2021.

Growth by sector
In the analysis of the different sectors, the aerospace industry remains one of the sectors with the highest consolidated turnover among the companies belonging to Tedae. In 2022, this figure was maintained thanks to increased turnover in civil aviation and accelerated growth in military aviation. However, it was security that grew the most last year, up 34% compared to 2021, while aerospace grew by 9% and exceeded one billion euros in turnover for the first time.

The report also highlights the high impact of these companies on other related industrial sectors due to the value generated by their supply chain. 17. 392 billion contributed to the national GDP, representing 1.31% of the total and 6% of industrial GDP. Tedae members’ contribution in the form of taxes amounted to 2.61 billion euros, representing 1% of the national income.

New economic model
For the president of Tedae, Ricardo Martí Fluxá, the report "shows that these sectors are the pillars of the new economic model that Spain needs, generating significant economic benefits and driving a support industry that is present in all regions of Spain". In fact, he explained, "they are full-cycle industries that form supply chains and consolidate a driving industrial base".

Begoña Cristeto, KPMG’s partner in charge of the automotive, industrial and chemical sectors in Spain, also emphasised the strategic nature of these sectors and the importance of maintaining this industrial fabric in our country. Regarding the report, she said it is "essential to measure the positive impact of these industries on society".

Photo: Tedae