Chinese Construction Machinery Manufacturer Sany Opens Branch Office in Spain

It will use the service and sales network of the German Putzmeister group, which it acquired in 2012

Chinese construction machinery manufacturer Sany has announced the creation of a subsidiary in Spain and Portugal. Its participation in the Smopyc 2023 trade fair in Zaragoza from 22 to 25 November was the venue chosen to communicate this fact to the market.

The new office will build on the structure, services and experience of Putzmeister Ibérica, eleven years after the Chinese company acquired the German group in 2012. The aim is to position Sany as a leading option for purchasing construction equipment in the Iberian market.

Global provider
The company’s specific aim is to position itself at the top in terms of sales volume in all local product segments. Once it has consolidated its brand, it plans to enter a new phase, adding new products until it becomes a global supplier to the market. It will at the same time invest in training programmes and other customer support activities to support this strategy.

Putzmeister Ibérica provides Sany with a consolidated infrastructure that will facilitate the implementation of the Chinese brand in Spain. A new sales and service team will be dedicated exclusively to this business unit, supported by the rest of the organisation to increase its productivity and competitiveness. 

New distributors
Sany Iberia already has distributors at present in Spain and Portugal, who will be supported by the company and in some areas reinforced by new distributors. The headquarters will be in Madrid, at the Putzmeister Ibérica premises, from where the central area will also be managed.

Sany has already recruited and trained a specialised team of commercial and technical consultants. The after-sales team in the Iberian market will be dedicated exclusively to this business area, with the aim of keeping the machines running, and ensuring minimum downtime due to breakdowns or maintenance.

The company offers its customers a commissioning service for their machines. It also provides operation and maintenance training to help users get the most out of their equipment and optimise their investment. In addition, preventive maintenance is carried out after the first 500 hours of operation, checking the conditions of the machines and advising the customer on the purchase of spare parts.

Photo: Sany