Accenture opens two generative AI centres in Spain

They are part of an international network that makes over 1,450 patents available to their clients

Accenture opened two centres specialising in generative artificial intelligence (AI) in Spain at the end of April. Located in Madrid and Barcelona, the so-called Gen AI studios aim to help the consultancy's clients, both companies and public authorities, to reinvent themselves by following a roadmap that allows them to use generative AI in a responsible way.

The new Gen AI studios are open to clients from all industries. Both are intended to be spaces for co-creation where clients can learn, explore and design new models for operating in their organisations through responsible, people-centred and generative AI.

Responsible, people-centred AI
Accenture experts will collaborate to fulfil the needs of the centres, which will also integrate the company's thousands of digital assets. These assets contain the industry, functional, organisational and technological knowledge needed to help identify the value to be captured, the impact on processes and ways of working, the technology architecture and data requirements, and the framework for implementing responsible, people-centred AI.

The two new studios are part of a global network of 24 Gen AI Studios, and are as such part of Accenture's $3 billion investment package earmarked for data and AI. The consultancy will make over 1,450 patents and patent applications available to its clients through AI solutions, in addition to the 700 generative AI projects it is already conducting with clients. The AI Navigator digital platform, which concentrates the company's industrial and functional knowledge, consolidates the new centres’ offerings.

The real competitive advantage
Accenture's President for Spain and Portugal, Mercedes Oblanca, explained, “Our vision is that the real value of this technological revolution lies in empowering people by making them more productive, creative and collaborative, by freeing up their working time for genuinely human activities, making them the real competitive advantage of their organisations. We estimate an increase in European Gross Domestic Product of 2.3 trillion euros over the next 15 years through responsible and people-centred deployment of gen AI at scale.”

Accenture's Managing Director and Head of Data & AI in Spain and Portugal, Alberto García Arrieta, says that “to successfully execute a reinvention strategy in the era of generative AI, we are helping companies through implementing five key requirements. These essential requirements that he lists are, “Identifying the end-to-end value to be captured; establishing a clear vision on how to reinvent work in organisations; transforming talent and preparing professionals and leaders for a world of generative AI; developing a digital, secure and flexible AI-enabled architecture and core; making responsible AI pervasive, systemic and enterprise-wide; and embedding continuous reinvention into the organisation's DNA to build long-term sustainable value.”

The immediate future according to entrepreneurs
A recent report by Accenture reveals that 97% of executives surveyed globally believe that generative AI will transform their businesses and industries, and will play a central role in their strategies over the next three to five years. One third of them say they are already making significant investments, and 99% plan to do so within two years.

According to the same study, the economic context in Spain is favourable to the use of generative AI in business reinvention. Business leaders in Spain are the most optimistic in Europe about the potential of this technology. Finally, seven out of ten think of it more as a lever for revenue growth than as a way to reduce costs.

Photo: Accenture