Blueprint for business leadership on the SDGs

United Nations Global Compact

Business cannot thrive unless people and the planet thrive. This includes ensuring that the world is on track to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are universal, transcend all borders and apply to the workplace, the marketplace and the community. The SDGs are deeply interconnected, as progress on one goal can have a significant impact on progress on other SDGs. Business cannot thrive in a world of poverty, inequality, instability and environmental stress, so it has a vital interest in ensuring that the 2030 Agenda is met.

Achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda requires the commitment of the private sector. This guide provides a framework for companies aspiring to SDG leadership. The 2030 Agenda needs the contribution of organisations of all sizes and from all regions. Based on an assessment of the qualities of past and current business action on the SDGs, this report presents a framework for the next generation of business leaders to foster contribution to the SDGs at scale. By embracing the SDGs, businesses can take advantage of opportunities worth trillions of dollars. The SDGs are estimated to represent $12 trillion in savings and revenues by 2030. In other words, these goals constitute huge opportunities for business practices that integrate respect for, and support of, human rights and the protection of our planet. Business opportunities and SDG impact are not mutually exclusive, as they can go hand in hand. This guide recognises the need for collaboration. There is a limit to what any one company can achieve alone. The realisation of the SDGs depends on action not only by business, but also by all stakeholders.