Global Latam 2024

ICEX-Invest in Spain | Secretaría General Iberoamericana

The Global Latam is the reference report for the analysis of FDI issued by Latin American countries and companies. It is a document at the service of policymarkers, companies, analysts and researchers to learn about the main investment trends abroad by companies and investment funds in the Ibero-American space. (May 2024)

Latin American FDI is a mature and increasingly complex economic-business phenomenon. Latin American companies have incorporated internationalization into their DNA and their presence in the world has become one of the most interesting features of the Latin American business fabric. Today the stock of Latin FDI abroad amounts to 750,000 million dollars, being led by the large multilatinas from Brazil, Mexico and Chile, although there is also a growing investment drive from other countries such as Colombia or Argentina. Even more interesting is that Latin American capital is taking many different forms, becoming a rich and changing phenomenon. From a reality led by large commodity companies (which are also mutating their investment strategies by incorporating open innovation), we more frequently observe how Latin American startups, venture capital funds or family offices rapidly expand beyond the borders of the continent American.