The decade to deliver - A call to business action

The United Nations Global Compact - Accenture Strategy

As we approach 2030 and with a few years to achieve the Global Goals set out by governments with business and other stakeholders, it is clear that we are not on track. At the same time, business leaders told us that they face an ever more competitive and challenging business environment and set of pressures. From global trade uncertainties, to activist investors, to the pace and scale of the technology revolutions taking place in digital, biological and physical innovation, the intensity is unlikely to change in the decade ahead.

It seems as we are not on track of accomplish the Global Goals set out to be achieved in 2030. Against that backdrop, CEOs are telling that they are making real progress, face growing expectations from consumers and employees, and are able to point to concrete innovative business models, partnerships and technologies that show it is possible to both drive competitiveness and real measurable progress on environment, social and governance issues. But in this year’s study finds that CEOs believe that business is not doing enough and that in many cases their own companies and industries are not stepping up. Those same CEOs gave an equally stark call to action for business to step up or risk a lost decade ahead for the Global Goals without the urgent and required business contribution. In this report we share the feedback from CEOs on both their assessment of the challenge but also their suggestions for what needs to be done at all levels to get us back on track.