ICEX funding allows greater number of activities to strengthen company

RASE IBERICA was founded in 2019, mainly dedicated to the development, acquisition, marketing and transfer of technological solutions for polymer resin, composite materials, recycling of plastic materials and other industries. It seeks to satisfy the need for innovative solutions for its customers, mainly in Spain and Mexico.


RASE IBERICA has important alliances or collaborations in Spain, Mexico and other countries that enable it to access high capacity resources such as infrastructure, human and technical resources, technological assets, target markets, etc., substantially increasing RASE's capabilities.


What facilities does RASE IBERICA have at present?

In Spain, it has an office and an innovation lab in Extremadura. As a result of its alliances or partnerships in collaborative innovation, it also has access to laboratories at universities and companies, state-of-the-art characterisation and analysis equipment, pilot plant and industrial plant, final application equipment, etc., both in Spain and Mexico for the implementation of its projects.


What was the aim of the project submitted for the R&D Investment Programme for Foreign Companies?

The goal was the technological development of a process system and formula for chemical recycling of PET with suitable properties for subsequent scaling up of Unsaturated Polyester Resins to industrial scale manufacture, and for use in the manufacture of cultured marble and granite. 


Why did you decide to set up your operations in Spain?

In 2014, we began to interact with the University of Extremadura, something which enabled us to approach the University and, together with the FUNDECYT-PCTEx foundation, we began a feasibility analysis into setting up a company in Extremadura with a new and proven business model, which led to the establishment of RASE IBERICA in Spain in 2019.


How did ICEX help you establish yourself in Spain and what did its funding mean for the project?

ICEX helped us with advice, support and monitoring to obtain residence as entrepreneursfor the implementation of our project, which, in addition to the importance of the project itself, enabled us to continue with the correct implementation and consolidation of RASE in Spain.

As well as financial support, it helped us implement the project under Spanish and EU standards and regulations, thus strengthening the company's project development process. This funding enabled us to carry out a greater number of activities aimed at strengthening the company.


Future plans for the company: expansion, applying for other ICEX programmes, increasing staff or production...

Investment in R&D has been ongoing in order to serve the target markets, as well as to increase the company's technological know-how.

The company continues to consolidate its position as a solutions provider in Spain and an exporter of technological solutions, in this case mainly to the Mexican market (mainly customers with exports to the United States).

We are analysing the need to apply for support from other ICEX programmes.

We have been approached by investors interested in the construction of the resin and speciality composites manufacturing plant for joint operation.

In the short/medium term, we will recruit research staff specialised in resins and composite materials, operating staff in joint manufacturing companies or third parties, as well as increasing recruitment at our customers and suppliers.