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EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is a special work and residence permit that allows the holder to access the job market in the EU.

Individuals who have held an EU Blue Card for more than 18 months and who are hired by a Spanish company can travel to Spain without the need for a visa.

The EU Blue Card may be requested when, in addition to the requirements corresponding to an initial work and residence permit as an employee (see “Is a Spanish company going to hire you?”), the foreign worker must have the following:

  • Higher education qualifications: the studies at least lasted three years and a level of qualification required to practise a profession that requires a high level of training or to join an advanced research project.
  • Evidence of a minimum of five years' relevant professional experience relating to the activity for which the work permit is being granted.



Where: Oficina de Extranjería (Provincial Immigration Office), Directorate General of Immigration or Unit for Large Companies and Strategic Economic Sectors. The application can be submitted to the Directorate General of Immigration in the case of companies with over 500 workers and workplaces in more than one province.

Documentation (translated into Spanish):

  • Three copies of the application form (Form EX05 can be downloaded here), signed and submitted in person by the employer or the legal representative of the Spanish company.
  • Public document granting powers of attorney to the individual making the application, filed with the commercial registry or the corresponding registry.
  • Document certifying the professional relationship of the legal representative with the applicant company in case a general or special power of attorney has been granted.
  • Identity document of the company's legal representative signing the application.
  • Tax identification number (NIF).
  • Employment contract signed by authorised individuals. The job offered must correspond to the national catalogue of occupations.
  • Public document certifying the capacity for hiring the individual signing the contract.
  • The terms and conditions of the employment contract must comply with those in current legislation and the gross annual salary must be at least 1.5 times the average gross annual salary of the profession that is to be practised.
  • Alternatively:
    • Certificate issued by the national employment service showing the result of the job offer presented, together with a copy stamped by the employment office if the job offered is not included in the catalogue of occupations that are not easily covered (CODC).
    • Documentation certifying one of the cases established in article 40 of Act 4/2000 of 11 January, in which case the national employment situation will not be considered (see "National employment situation").
  • Certificate stating that the company is up-to-date with its social security obligations. The authorities must acquire this ex officio. N.B.: although the authorities can acquire this ex officio, submitting the certificates speeds up the process.
  • Certificate issued by the tax authorities stating that the company is up-to-date with its tax obligations. The authorities must acquire this ex officio. N.B.: although the authorities can acquire this ex officio, submitting the certificates speeds up the process.
  • Profile of the post and work to be carried out.
  • Memorandum describing the company's activity, the estimated investment and job creation in Spain.
  • Evidence provided by the company that it has the financial, material and human resources required for its business project and for assuming the undertakings provided in the employment contract.

    If the employer is an individual, he or she must provide evidence of the following minimum monthly amounts, not including the salary:
    Applicant with no dependants100% IPREM€537.84 (2018)*
    Family with two members200% IPREM€1,075.68 (2018)*
    Family with more than two members50% IPREM for each additional member+ €268.92€ (2018)* for each additional member
    *IPREM: Multiplier for the Public Income Index. This is a reference index for calculating the income threshold for subsidies for housing, study grants, unemployment benefit and free legal aid, etc.
  • Copy of all the pages of the worker's passport. Sometimes a copy of the authentication issued by the Spanish consulate in the country of residence can be required.
  • Certification of the qualifications required for the job.
  • Worker's CV.
  • Fees.


Where: The Spanish consulate in the country of residence. Select the Spanish representative office of your place of residence.


  • Visa application form. Download the application form here.
  • Passport with a minimum validity of six months and a copy of all the pages.
  • Two photographs.
  • Official notification of approval.
  • Criminal records clearance in the countries of residence in the five years before the application.
  • Updated medical certificate.
  • Fees.


Where: Police station. Select here the police station nearest to your address.


  • Application for a residence card for foreigners. Click here to download Form EX17. For further information on residence cards for foreigners, please go to “Foreigner Identification Number and Residence Card for Foreigners”.
  • Passport.
  • Copy of the visa and entry stamp.
  • Three photographs.
  • Registration of residency: registration of the official address with the local authorities.
  • Official notification of approval.
  • Fees: initial residence card for foreigners (Spanish acronym: TIE) that documents the temporary residence permit.
  • Registration with the social security system.


The average estimated time for approval is 45 days.

You must apply for a work visa, which will be issued within 72 hours.

Residence card for foreigners: this may range from 20 to 50 days, depending on the area in Spain where it is processed.

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