1. Aragón- A dynamic region undergoing renewal

A dynamic region undergoing renewal

Thanks to Expo 2008, Aragon has been able to demonstrate its potential on an international scale. In addition, innovative projects, some already underway, are visible proof of the powerful dynamism and progress with which Aragon looks to the future: the future Expo business park; Milla Digital (Digital Mile); Motorland; Recycling Technology Park and PLAZA logistics platform, the largest in Europe; Walqa Technology Park; and more.

2. Aragón- Our people, the key to success

Our people, the key to success

Creativity, loyalty, efficiency and excellent language skills are the characteristics of Aragon’s employees which companies value most highly. Low labor turnover leads to a highly attractive progression in the productivity of our companies.

Education and training? More than 5,000 university graduates each year and an extensive training program which adapts to suit the needs of each company guarantee abundant numbers of qualified employees with highly competitive labor costs.

3. Aragón- Excellent location, unbeatable infrastructure

Excellent location, unbeatable infrastructure

Located in the center of Spain’s most prosperous quadrant, Aragon accounts for 60% of Spanish GDP and 50% of the country’s population. The community is just 300 km. by freeway from Barcelona, Madrid, the Basque Country, Valencia and France.
Its extensive network of infrastructures and highways was rounded off by the high-speed train which connects Zaragoza to Madrid and Barcelona in 1 hour, 15 minutes. This has helped strengthen Zaragoza’s position as a strategic business center between these two strategic locations.

4. Aragón- Availability of business and industrial space

Availability of business and industrial space

Aragon offers more than 3,000 hectares of industrial land with sale and/or rental prices which are among the most competitive in Europe.

The PLAZA Logistics Platform, the largest in Europe, is an intermodal space with 1,300 hectares of industrial land just 10 km. from the center of Zaragoza. Together with Plaza, other logistics platforms are being developed: PLATEA in Teruel and PLHUS and PLFRAGA in Huesca. Additionally, Aragon has large industrial areas with good transport links located close to major cities.
Thanks to its wide range and competitive selection of office space, more than 300,000 m2, and its strategic location between Madrid and Barcelona, Aragon has already been chosen as a headquarters for important services companies such as Accenture, Capgemini, Barclays, and others.

5. Aragón- Quality of life

Quality of life

The Aragonese are among the Europeans most satisfied with their quality of life. The fact is that Aragon possesses the ideal characteristics for combining a satisfactory personal and professional life: professional opportunities, world-class education, a wide range of culture and leisure options, one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, sunshine virtually every day of the year, more than 75% of families walk their children to school, cuisine to please the most discerning palates, and more. And all of this is accompanied by a geographic and scenic diversity which makes Aragon a one-of-a-kind place for the enjoyment of nature.

6. Aragón- Institutional support

Institutional support

At Aragón Exterior, we know how important a good start is to the development of your business. When a company decides to make an investment, it is necessary to find the answers to many questions and we at the government of Aragon want to help find the answers.
Aragón Exterior provides individualized service. This means looking for the best location for your project and the best partners, and close support during the initial set-up process, as well as during later consolidation and expansion of the company in Aragon.

Last updated: 16|07|2015

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