1. Aragon - Environmental industries: renewable energies and recycling

medioambiente_definitiva_2992 Environmental industries: renewable energies and recycling

The home of Expo Zaragoza 2008, Aragon has contributed at the international level to creating awareness of the importance of natural resources in current policies. Aragon is home to significant renewable energies research activity. It is a pioneer in investigating hydrogen as an alternate source, with the creation of the Hidrógeno Foundation.

The commitment to producing renewable energy is a reality: electrical energy produced from renewable sources already represents more than 70% of total electrical energy consumption in the autonomous community. Aragon is among the Spanish communities with the greatest production of wind energy.

From recycling traditional elements such as paper and glass to aeronautics, as well as electrical appliances, Aragon is noted for attracting environmental projects thanks to its extensive available land in sparsely populated areas with good transportation links. In Aragon, this industry has integrated spaces which replicate the cycle of nature, as well as technological services adapted to suit the needs of each project.

Especially noteworthy is the start-up of a new waste treatment center in Zaragoza: treatment capacity of 450,000 tons/year of waste, 15,000 tons/year of light containers, producing 25,000 tons of compost/year and 7 MWh of energy/year.

2. Aragon - Biotechnology

biotecnologia_definitiva2_299 Biotechnology

Aragon offers unbeatable conditions for developing green biotechnology, with extensive experience in agri-food industries and research centers at the European, national and autonomous community level: European Center for Advanced Mediterranean Studies, Aula Dei National Research Center, and Agricultural Techniques Research Center of Aragon, the benchmark national center for food safety.

Equally strong is Aragon’s commitment to medical research with start-up of the Biomedical Research Center of Aragon (CIBA in its Spanish acronym), intended to become the benchmark center for medical research in Spain. The aim is for this center to be the basic support platform for the work of hundreds of researchers in a wide range of biomedicine disciplines. Its main fields of activity will be stem cells, nanoscience, clinical trials on various illnesses and regenerative medicine.

3. Aragon - Information and communication technologies/shared services

tic_definitiva_29928_ Information and communication technologies/shared services

The features offered by Aragon, such as its strategic location between Madrid and Barcelona, excellent infrastructure and transportation links, availability of qualified labor with salary costs lower than major Spanish and European cities, and excellent language skills create the ideal setting for shared services companies. Such representative companies as Accenture, Microsoft, Capgemini, Barclays, Vodafone and Altran demonstrate Aragon’s capacity to develop this type of project.

Available office space will increase in upcoming years with the business park being created after EXPO 2008, PLAZA business site, as well as other private initiatives.

4. Aragon - Logistics

logistica_definitiva_29929_ Logistics

Aragon is located at the convergence of transportation routes which link the most economically vibrant regions of Spain and Southern France.

A strong logistics tradition, reinforced by significant investment in transportation and communications infrastructure, has made Aragon a logistics center of international stature. The Aragonese headquarters of the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) provides specialized training and research in logistics at the international level, with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of companies operating in Aragon.

Zaragoza is a true benchmark for intermodal operations with projects such as PLAZA, an intermodal platform (rail, airport and freeway junction) with 13 million m2 just 10 km. from Zaragoza. It has attracted Zara, Imaginarium, Porcelanosa, Gazeley and Prologis.

Other logistics platforms are being developed in Huesca (PLHUS and PLFRAGA) and Teruel (PLATEA).

5. Aragon - Agri-food

agroindustria_definitiva_2993 Agri-food

Aragon enjoys excellent climatological conditions and soil for the production of high quality and organic foods. Fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat products, cured ham, oil and wine with designations of origin are among Aragon’s most well-known products.

Turnover for the Aragonese agri-food industry is 3,600 million euros and it employees 11,400 workers.

Quality is one of the hallmarks of Aragon’s agri-food products. The existence of eight designations of origin for high quality foods and beverages testify to this quality: Calatayud, Campo de Borja, Cariñena and Somontano wines; Cava; Teruel cured ham; Calanda peaches and Bajo Aragon oil.

Aragon’s commitment to this sector takes the form of the regional Rural Development Program with 471 million euros earmarked for investment.

Additionally, Aragon is on the cutting edge of food safety in Spain thanks to the

2006 start-up of the Agri-food Safety R&D Technology Center of Aragon, designed to operate under the most demanding environmental requirements and safety measures.

6. Aragon - Industrial

bienes_equipo_definitiva_2993 Industrial

The Ebro Valley is one of Spain’s main industrial centers, encompassing industries from all sectors, primarily: construction machinery, agricultural machinery, paper, iron and steel, electronics, chemicals and agri-food, as well as small and mid-sized companies.

Its excellent strategic location and infrastructure, together with its qualified labor, have created an industrial framework which has given Aragon significant industrial dynamism. The strong industrial framework, together with the availability of major industrial projects, continues to be a significant attraction for new companies. Due to its low population density and excellent transportation network, Aragon is noteworthy for the availability of industrial land with an extensive network of services and transportation links at prices which are among the most competitive in Europe.

Zaragoza is a venue for international trade shows and exhibitions: especially noteworthy are the FIMA agricultural machinery shows, SMOPYC for construction machinery, and SMAGUA in the water sector.

7. Aragon - Motor vehicles

automocion_definitiva_29933_ Motor vehicles

Figueruelas (Zaragoza) has been home to the General Motors España plant for 28 years. Of the 174 GM plants in the world, Figueruelas has the largest production volume assigned to it, 450,000 vehicles per year. The factory is staffed by 8,000 workers, the largest in Europe, and manufactures the Corsa, Combo and Meriva models, with average production of 2,000 vehicles/day.

A cluster of over 350 supplier companies has grown up around GM, employing a total of 25,000 people.

The Zaragoza company Hispano also manufactures more than 2,000 buses and coaches each year, one of the top European manufacturers. Over its 50-year history, the company has exported to more than 50 countries.

Aragon offers:

  • Strategic location and excellent transport links at the center of automobile production in Spain: Zaragoza, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Valladolid, Navarre and Vitoria.
  • Motor vehicle know-how: qualified labor, an important engineering faculty, professional training centers and research centers (ITA).
  • Labor flexibility: few labor disputes and competitive salaries.
  • Over 350 companies in the motor vehicle section established in Aragon: manufacturers, Tier 1, Tier 2 - 4, auxiliary industry, coachbuilders and logistics services.
  • Construction of the Ciudad del Motor in Alcañiz: a complex dedicated exclusively to the world of motor vehicles, including a motor vehicle technology park, a F1 track, karting tracks, motocross, and retail and leisure areas in a single space.
  • Incentives of up to 15% of the investment.

Top companies in the sector

General Motors España, Hispano, Leciñena, Lecitrailer, Johnson Controls, Valeo, Mann Hummel Ibérica, Lear, Faurecia, Ronal, Brembo, Kelner ibérica, GKN Geplasmetal, and others.

8. Aragon - Aeronautics

aeronautico_definitiva_29934_ Aeronautics

In recent years, Aragon has committed to the cutting-edge sector of the aeronautics industry. An advanced industrial framework, an exceptional location, a modern aeronautics infrastructure and important university research have made aeronautics a sector with a great present and future in Aragon.

Aragon offers:

  • A strategic location equidistant from aeronautics centers in Madrid (Eurocopeter, Airbus, EADS space), the Basque Country (ITP, Aernnova) and Toulouse (Airbus France).
  • An Aragonese aeronautics cluster which brings together 4,620 employees and 160 million euros in turnover.
  • A modern aeronautics infrastructure:
    • Aeronautics industrial area in Villanueva: 76 ha. of built-up industrial land just a few kilometers from Zaragoza, with its own airfield.
    • Huesca Airport: just opened in March 2007.
    • Zaragoza Airport: with 70 ha. available within the airport for the aeronautics industry.
    • Future aeronautic recycling and maintenance park in Teruel, Caude.
  • Prestigious aeronautics researchers and research centers:
    • Internationally respected researchers in the area of composite materials.
    • University of Zaragoza and La Almunia Polytechnic University School.
  • Incentives of up to 15% of the investment.

Top companies in the sector

CAG, ACE, AERNNOVA, CIO Proyectos en Ingeniería, EGI, Fundación AITIIP, Sallen Aviación, NMF Europa, Mecánica Industrial Buelna, AEROMAC.

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