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Castilla y León - Automotive

automocion_definitiva_29812_ Automotive

Castile and Leon is one of Europe’s most important regions for the automotive sector. There are four automobile manufacturing plants: RENAULT (Valladolid and Palencia), GRUPO FIAT-IVECO (Valladolid) and NISSAN (Avila). The region’s plants are among the most productive in both Europe and Spain, producing 20% of the vehicles manufactured domestically.

This sector is also characterized by incorporating significant levels of innovation and technological development into the production process. Companies in the sector are highly automated and make use of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated quality control systems. The presence of in-house R&D activities is also one of its most noteworthy features.

In the automotive sector, the government of Castile and Leon is developing a Regional Industrial Plan aimed at immediate implementation of a series of specific measures targeting competitiveness in 2009.

The sector features a high level of technological development and innovation in production processes. The companies in the sectors are highly automated, and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated quality control systems. They are also renowned for their internal R&D activities. The sector has its own Automotive Research and Development Center (CIDAUT), which is patronized by the main companies, several regional organizations and universities.

Castilla y León - Agri-food

agroindustria_definitiva_2981 Agri-food

The agri-food sector carries significant weight in Castile and Leon; the autonomous community ranks number three in the country, with turnover of close to 7.2 billion euros, 11% of the national figure. It is currently in one of the most favorable positions with regard to the majority of other Spanish regions. A high degree of specialization and significant growth rates in recent years have helped to strengthen the sector.

Approximately 3,500 companies operate in this industry in the region.

Castilla y Leon - Aeronautics and aerospace

aeronautico_definitiva_29814_ Aerospace

With their extensive experience in the automotive sector, companies from this industry and new foreign companies have established a solid base for the aeronautics sector.

In keeping with the growing trend in the aerospace market towards using composite materials, the majority of these companies are firmly committed to investing in research, development and innovation in technologies for new materials with complex structures and applying these structural components in the aeronautics industry.

The wide variety of possibilities which Castile and Leon offers in the aeronautics sector is reflected in the region’s commitment to a broad spectrum of lines of research and activities related to the sector. These range from developing new aerospace structures and technologically advanced composite materials research, development and applications to developing air traffic control and unmanned flight systems.

Additionally, Castile and Leon has positioned itself as one of the most important Spanish regions in the aerospace sector and offers various initiatives in satellite engineering and mission analysis, development of ground segment systems, remote sensing, simulation and development of spatial technologies applied to location and positioning systems, satellite navigation and telecommunications.

Castilla y León - Information and Communications Technology

tic_definitiva_29815_ Information and Communications Technology

In recent years, the information and communication technologies sector has made great progress in Castile and Leon. It is comprised of close to 1,000 companies distributed among three sub-sectors: telecommunications, computing and audiovisuals, and added value services.

The region has the second largest concentration of experts in new technologies in Spain.

The establishment of the Center for Innovation in Mobility at the Boecillo Technology Park, promoted by the government of Castile and Leon together with Microsoft, Indra, Siemens and Thales, was one of the region’s most noteworthy milestones.

Other highlights include the Centre for the Development of Telecommunications of Castile and Leon (CEDETEL in its Spanish acronym) and the Technology Institute of Castile and Leon (ITCL in its Spanish acronym), both part of the government of Castile and Leon’s Technology Center Network.

The technology parks of Castile and Leon are an ideal setting for activities in this and other related sectors

There are several areas of interest in the ICT sector that should be highlighted such as wireless communications developed by world-renowned companies and industrial monitoring developed by companies leading the way in this technology

Castilla y León - Biotechnology and Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals

biofarma_definitiva_29816_ Biotechnology and Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals

The chemicals/pharmaceuticals sector, which is closely linked to biotechnology, represents one of the most dynamic areas of activity in Castile and Leon, a region which has established itself as a leader in this field.

There are around 200 companies in the sector, employing more than 5,000 people in Castile and Leon.

A scientific base and research are essential for biotechnology. In order to help this area develop, Castile and Leon boasts an excellent infrastructure which supports innovation by providing the material and human resources necessary for R&D, technology transfer, testing and measurement projects. It has a Technology Center Network, which includes:

  • IOBA - Spanish acronym for the Institute of Applied Ophthalmology.
  • INBIOTEC - Spanish acronym for the Biotechnology Institute of Leon.
  • CIC - Spanish acronym for the Cancer Research Center.
  • IBGM - Spanish acronym for the Genetic and Molecular Biology Institute.
  • INCYL - Spanish acronym for the Institute of Neuroscience of Castile and Leon.

Castilla y León - Security

seguridad4_definitiva_30005_ Security

The region is committed to new technologies and a business fabric with connections to the security sector, encompassing a broad range of business activities: comprehensive security, hardware and software, surveillance equipment, homeland security, border control, home land security for aeronautics and air and ground traffic. Companies in this sector of the caliber of GMV have already made the decision to invest in Castile and Leon.

Castilla y León - Logistics sector

logistica_definitiva_29818_ Logistics sector

Castile and Leon has a large and varied logistics sector. More than 40,000 companies in the autonomous community are engaged in transport in Castile and Leon, accounting for 8% of the national total.

Castile and Leon offers a system of organization, design, management and operation in a “network” of logistics sites (Cylog Network). This model is a pioneer in Spain and is the hallmark and brand image of logistics activities in Castile and Leon.

An excellent network of ground, rail and air transport links and the autonomous community’s strategic location make Castile and Leon an ideal location in which to centralize the logistics activities of any company.

Castilla y León - Energy

bienes_equipo_definitiva_2981 Energy

Castile and Leon ranks number two in electricity production in Spain, generating approximately 13% of the national total and consuming 5%.

There is significant energy diversification and a clear commitment on the part of the region to developing renewable energies.

500 companies have placed their bets on the renewable energies sector, employing more than 2,500 people.

Castile and Leon is one of the national leaders in implementation of wind, hydraulic and solar energies thanks to the resources the region possesses.

In terms of industry, Castile and Leon is home to a large number of manufacturers of components for renewable energies, both wind and solar.

In the 2005-2010 Renewable Energies Plan, Castile and Leon appears as the autonomous community with the greatest potential in terms of bioenergy resources, with a contribution in excess of 20% of the total national targets for 2010.

EREN (Spanish acronym for the Castile and Leon Regional Public Organization for Energy) is the body which effectively develops, unifies and incorporates all policies passed and implemented in different energy-related areas at the regional level.
Additionally, it focuses its activities on promoting energy savings and the rational use of energy sources, making special use of renewable energies.

Castilla y León - Tourism

Turismo_definitiva_29820_ Tourism

In recent years, tourism has become of Castile and Leon’s key economic activities due to the increase in both Spanish and foreign visitors and the variety of tourist offerings in the region. The activities which make up this sector have demonstrated a significant ability to create jobs and generate wealth for the region.

Last updated: 16|07|2015

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