BT España

BT España manages its Latin American subsidiaries from Madrid.

BT España, a subsidiary of the British telecommunications company, has assumed control of all Latin American subsidiaries. BT España will manage close to 600 million euros after control of Latin American subsidiaries is assigned to Spain. The president of BT España, Luis Álvarez, stated that “…it is of great value to BT to manage financial control and human resources from Madrid, as well as synchronizing services.”


EADS, the world’s second largest aerospace consortium, has set up a modern research, development and application center for composite materials in Getafe.

EADS, the world’s second largest aerospace consortium, has decided to locate a modern research, development and application center for composite materials in Getafe. The facility will involve an initial investment of 26 million euros, R&D investment of 33 million euros and the creation of 80 jobs over the next five years.

Hewlett Packard sets up a European Software Support Center in Madrid

The high level of professionals in Spain was a decisive factor

Hewlett Packard, the multinational computer company, will establish a new Software Support Center in Madrid serving all HP customers worldwide. This decision raises the prominence of HP's Spanish subsidiary in its international business and concludes a lengthy negotiation process, further strengthening HP's commitment to our country.

HP's large-format printer (HP DesignJet) center is located in Sant Cugat (Barcelona). The center covers R&D and innovation, marketing, finance and operations. It also opened the Global Center for Shared Administrative and Financing Services two years ago in Barcelona. Just one year ago it established one of two European centers for systems monitoring and management in Catalonia. In light of the above, it is evident that Spain has become a priority market for HP. We have interviewed Hewlett Packard's Corporate Information Manager, Manuel López González, who is also the official spokesman for the new European Support Center.

Why are Spain and Madrid the ideal location for this new European Support Center?

Spain, and specifically Madrid, has a significant cosmopolitan draw that makes it easier to attract highly qualified professionals from various European nationalities. Madrid went through a complex selection process, undertaken by the corporation that included all European capitals. The attractiveness of the country and its capital due to its social characteristics, the significant business value added and the good results achieved, in addition to the drive of its leaders, have resulted in this center being located in Spain. It is the most important center of all those existing on the European continent.

What other locations were considered for this Center?

Several countries where HP is present (more than 170 worldwide) compete in the internal process whereby Hewlett-Packard decides on establishing this kind of center. In light of this center’s characteristics, and given that the main focus of the business is the European continent, in this case several European countries competed to attract the investment.

In your opinion, what are the competitive advantages of Spain and Madrid (qualified workforce, incentives, tax structure, transportation and technological infrastructure, etc.)?

This center is a part of the COLLABORATIVE SUPPORT CENTER (CSC) group, a novel concept as far as support centers are concerned. Engineers work in a shared knowledge environment based on sophisticated support tools. There are many reasons why the corporation has chosen Spain, and specifically Madrid, for this center. Among others we could emphasize the following:

- Given the high degree of qualification required for professionals to join the center, the large number of professionals that came to the initial interviews was a decisive factor. In addition, the fact that many of the candidates had participated in Erasmus scholarships was a significant factor, because of the knowledge of different European cultures they provide.

- The complete infrastructure available in Madrid also was a fundamental factor, as well as the HP Española facilities in Madrid where the center will be located.

- The candidates’ knowledge of languages who came for the interview has also ranked very high, since it is necessary, as a minimum, to have a good command of English and another European language, in addition to Spanish.

Does HP have any expansion plans for Spain, more specifically regarding R&D?

HP has been investing in Spain for over 20 years, specifically since 1985, when it decided to establish a center in Spain. Over time this has become what we now call a multi-business center in San Cugat in Barcelona. Within HP's investment strategy, Spain has demonstrated its benefits and capabilities, and for that reason it is naturally considered when making investment decisions. The ongoing challenge is for Spain to continue to be an attractive market for this kind of investment.


The computer multinational Hewlett-Packard (HP) has opened one of its innovation centers in Madrid.

The computer multinational Hewlett-Packard (HP) has invested close to 14 million euros in an innovation center in the Community of Madrid. This new space will serve key accounts and provide support for projects in operations carried out in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Belgium, as well as on the Iberian Peninsula. In the project presentation, it was pointed out that “40 percent of HP’s Spanish staff work on the multinational’s activities throughout the world.” The head of consulting and sales for Europe, José-Luis Pages, explained that “HP has chosen to set up these centers in Spain because of the Spanish subsidiary’s experience in the sector, the level of education and training of Spanish technicians, the attractions Madrid offers technicians from other countries to come and live and for its competitive prices.”

Nokia Siemens Networks and Vodafone

Nokia Siemens Networks and Vodafone open a world research center in Madrid.

Nokia Siemens Networks and Vodafone have opened a research centre in Madrid that is open to the world for the development of radio technology and tests for new network functions, as confirmed by both companies.

They went on to report that the Nokia Siemens Networks (NICE) innovation centre is to work in close collaboration with Vodafone’s access network competence centre. The director of wireless access product management at Nokia Siemens Networks, Tommi Uitto, points out that the creation of NICE "reflects the increase in the efforts made by the company in R&D".

Sources at Vodafone explained to EFE that Nokia Siemens Networks employees are working permanently at the centre, which is situated in Tres Cantos (Madrid). Vodafone is to provide its specialists for the various projects that are to be developed, especially second- and third-generation mobile telephony and, later, fourth-generation LTE.


SAP, the German software giant, has one of its five global support centers in Madrid.

SAP, the German software giant, has one of its five global support centers in Madrid. It was set up 2002 and according to Ferri Abolhassan, operations manager for SAP Europe, the Madrid center “is one of the fastest at resolving issues.” This center, with close to 80 employees, provides support for all of Latin America and several European countries, such as Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and even Israel.

Zardoya Otis

Zardoya Otis has an R&D&I center in Madrid which is developing state-of-the-art elevator technology

The Zardoya Otis R&D&I center has developed elevator machinery which utilizes innovative GeN2 technology. This technology has been patented and reduces energy consumption by up to 40%. The resources which Madrid offered Zardoya Otis to carry out research and development for this technology brought a research activity which had been transferred to the company’s China factory back to Madrid.

Last updated: 01|08|2019

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