Logistic Infrastructures & Networks

The Global Competitiveness Report 2016, published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), ranks Spain in 12th place worldwide in terms of infrastructures and logistical services. Infrastructures in Spain are a "role model" worldwide. Especially prominent for their relevance are its International Airports and other complementary infrastructures that enable the entry of tourists; its Rail system: with Europe's 1st and the world's 3rd longest high-speed rail; its Ports: global logistics platforms that connect international sea routes; its Highways, as well as its logistics centers and other rail infrastructures; its urban Transport, frequently integrated in the setting of Smart Cities, and its Telecommunications Networks and state-of-the-art IT management systems.

Communications Networks and Smart Technology

Spain is leader in advanced IT and Telecom technologies, applied to diverse sectors. There are more than 33,000 ICT companies, including digital content companies, operating in Spain with over 470,000 highly qualified employees. Spain in one of Europe's most important ICT markets. International companies present in Spain frequently enter into joint business ventures with Spanish companies, whether in Spain, Latin America or the EMEA region.

Almost 99% of Spanish companies with 10 or more employees have Internet connection. Of Spain's households, 90% uses broadband and 95% of consumers has access to 4G (LTE) networks. Furthermore, ultrafast broadband network coverage is expanding. Over 120,000 stations countrywide guarantee mobile network telecommunications.

The degree of integration of the digital economy is proven by companies' progress of digitalization and use of email. Spain is above the European average, according to the DESI index, scoring 0.54 points out of one. In 2017, the penetration rate of mobile telephone lines exceeded 110%. Of Spain's households, 78% have computers (PC, laptop, netbook or tablet) and 83.4% has Internet access.

The digital Public Services dimension measures the level of modernization and quality of public services managed via the Internet (e-Government, e-Health, etc.). The European average is 0.55 points out of one, and Spain is in the leading group among European countries, with 0.72 points, considerably above the average for Europe.

The growth experimented in Internet business is also based on the fact that Spanish is the second most-spoken language, as first language, after Mandarin Chinese, with over 400 million native speakers.


Spain is an important connecting hub for airlines linking America, Europe and the Middle East. It has two of Europe's largest airports: Madrid and Barcelona, and ranks third in the continent for passenger traffic, with over 193 million passengers annually.



Given its geographical position and maritime tradition, Spain has magnificent port infrastructures. It ranks fourth in the European Union for maritime transport of goords. There are 4 Spanish ports among Europe's 25 most important ports.


Railway system

According to data provided by ADIF, to date Spain has the 2nd largest High-speed Rail in the world (the 1st in Europe) and is a European leader, with over 3,152 km in operation- Its total rail network exceeds 15,500 km.

According to The Global Competitiveness Report (World Economic Forum), Spain has one of the best indexes in the world for rail infrastructure quality as well as for the subway systems in large cities. As to thech know-how, Spain is a pioneer in the field of rail R&D for its capacity for innovation in infraestructures, signaling, electrification and rolling stock, and is a global becnhmark in consulting and engineering for construction as well as for rail equipment.



Spain has the largest network of highways and motorways in the EU, with over 17,000 kilometers, representing 10.33% of the network. This percentage in much higher than the EU average of 1.2%, or the average of 1.4% corresponding to the USA.


Furthermore, it boasts of having one of Europe's best networks of conventional roads.


Last updated: 04|04|2018

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