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Spain is a country that stands out for its quality of life for expatriates and occupies an outstanding position in global rankings in this regard, especially concerning customs and family life.

According to HSBC, Spain ranks 4th expats' favourite global destination to live and work. Spain ranks second in its indicators measuring the perception of expatriates around the world regarding “Living” or “Family” standing out in Quality of life (1st) or Work / life balance (3rd), point out Spain as one of the most preferred destinations in Europe.

Expat Explorer 2017

It is estimated that over 500 million people speak Spanish as their first language, and that a total of 600 million are Spanish speakers. This figure ranks Spanish as the second language worldwide, in terms of the number of native speakers.

Spain's public schooling system is open to expatriate foreign executives and their children. Public and private schools offer special programs that include educational itineraries and subjects in English - bilingual schooling. Spain has 234 registered international schools. Almost 75% offer degrees in English (the United Kingdom and the United States). The second language with the highest representation is French, with almost 9%. The Higher Education System, including the universities, is open to families of expatriates.

Img International Schools in Spain by language 2019

The Spanish Health System also welcomes expatriates. Spain has the world's tenth best health systems and is the fourth country in terms of life expectancy (WCY2016).

Residence and Work permits for expatriates

A work permit is not necessary for citizens of the European Economic Area and Switzerland. These citizens, if residing in Spain for longer than 90 days, must register in the Registry of Citizens of the EU-European Economic Area as residents of Spain.

The section on international mobility of the Law in Support of Entrepreneurs and their Internationalization introduced a specific framework for non-EC, highly qualified professionals, intra-company transfers, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors. This framework is based on a fast-track procedure and specializes system for granting permits and authorizations to attract foreign investment and talent, with the goal of promoting economic growth and creating employment. The system's main features are:

• A single authorization for living and working in any part of Spain
• Unrestricted movement within Schengen Area member states
• Fast track: simplified process of between 10-20 days for residence permits
• Combined application for family members
• The procedure may be managed by a representative
• The application may be presented from Spain if the foreigner has a legal status in our country

Spain enjoys a great quality of life.

• It has an attractive cultural offer (2nd country in the world with designated UNESCO World Heritage sites, and 2nd in Europe as to the number of nature areas and sites declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserves).
• It has a first-class gastronomy, acknowledged globally.
• Its society is open and friendly for foreign professionals and tourists.
• It ranks second as the safest countries of the EU.
• It is acknowledged as one of the world's best places for educating children.

Spain is a greatly pleasant country, with a long history and rich cultural heritage, unique and internationally famous cuisine, and marvelous natural surroundings, with 8,000 km os coastline and beautiful beaches. To all of this, we must add an excellent climate. It ranks third worldwide as tourist destination, for revenue as well as number of visitors received.



Last updated: 11|07|2019

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