Navarra has a long-standing tradition in automotion. This sector accounts for a quarter of Navarra industrial GDP, which in turn makes up 25% of the regional GDP.

Carmaking in Navarra started in 1965 with the creation of a Spanish-British company – Authi – which later became Seat and then Volkswagen (VW) in 1984.

Volkswagen Navarra currently produces more than 300,000 cars of the Polo model per year, and employs 4,000 people directly. Its presence has led to the development of a strong business fabric of component manufacturers, with almost 50 % at TIER2 level.

5.4% of component manufacturers for Spanish cars are located in Navarra. Most of them are working at full capacity.

Nowadays, the sector counts 112 companies whose turnover amounts to 5.1 billion euro. It employs directly 12,000 people, which represents 4.3% of total employment in the region. Exports of automotive sector reached 3.3 billion in 2013, which represents 45% of total exports of goods of Navarra.

Why invest in automotion in Navarra?

  • The strategic location of Navarra on the two main logistic axes in Spain: North-South (Paris-Madrid) and East-West (Bilbao-Barcelona) allows easy access to Europe and the Spanish market. Also its location allows it to provide a service to several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). For example, Tudela in the south of the region is just an hour’s drive car drive away from Opel (Figueruelas, near Zaragoza), Mercedes (Vitoria) and Volkswagen (Pamplona).
  • It boasts a highly skilled and cost competitive labor force and an outstanding education and training system ready to cope with current and future industry needs.
  • The flexibility and productivity of the labor force in Navarra is higher than in other Spanish regions and countries. Navarra is one of the most productive and competitive regions in Spain.
  • Specific infrastructures for the development of the sector such as CEMITEC (a multidisciplinary technological center for industry in Navarra) or Circuit of Los Arcos, the only motor racing circuit in north-western Spain.

Some of the most relevant companies located in the region are Volskwagen, Faurecia, TRW Automotive, KYB, Delphi, Dana, Nucap.


Invest Spain iis_img_sector_agroindustria

Navarra is one of the leading Agrifood clusters in Spain, located at the heart of the Ebro Valley, with an annual turnover of €3,000 million plus €900million in primary sector.

The agrifood is one of the most important sectors in our region, with a long tradition. It is made up of more than 1,270 companies and 25.000 employees. The sector represents 6.6% of the region’s GDP and 14% of its industrial GDP.

It has a varied business fabric with some internationally well-known companies.

Why invest in agrifood sector in Navarra?

  • It has a dynamic and developed cluster to promote and facilitate innovative processes, with leading technology centers. The National Center of Food Technology and Security (CNTA) located in Navarra offers advanced technological services for companies and institutions related to quality, food safety and technological innovation.
  • Availability of raw material and increasing agricultural production capacity thanks to the Canal of Navarra, main canal of irrigation that helps drive and consolidate economic activities related to the agrifood sector. It has dramatically increased the irrigated surface area in Navarra and offers an opportunity for the overall modernization of the sector.
  • Direct access to Spanish and European markets.
  • Specialized industrial parks for agrifood companies. The “Agrifood City of Tudela” (CAT) is an industrial complex provides over one million square meters for the agrifood sector with fully centralized services based in an excellent strategic location.
  • It offers a strong agrifood base, with a wide representation of local, national and multinational companies.
  • It offers with sufficient skilled labour force and with and adequate education and training system to cope with current and future needs of the industry.

Some of the most relevant companies located in Navarra are: General Mills, Mondelez, Bonduelle o Berlys.



Navarra has become a world benchmark in renewable energies, especially in wind power. It is home to 41 wind farms with 1,164 turbines and an installed capacity of 972 MW.

This leadership position is even more marked in the field of large-scale wind power, where we have leading world companies in both the development of wind farms (Gamesa, Acciona) and the manufacture of wind turbines and their components (Gamesa, Acciona, Alstom or Ingeteam).

The Government of Navarra has worked intensively to develop renewable resources through support policies. Indeed, in 2004 it was awarded the European Union prize for the Best Regional Policy for developing renewable energy sources.

The successes achieved are:

  • 20% of overall energy demand in the region has been covered by renewables since 2009 (1 of 3 EU objectives for 2020).
  • More than 81.1% of electricity consumption is covered by renewables.
  • About 40% of the electric power produced is exported.

The new companies created in this sector have generated an industrial network of nearly 100 companies, with more than 5,000 jobs and contribute 5% of GDP. This new industry is characterized by promoting specialized and high added value jobs.

Why invest in Cleantech sector in Navarra?

  • Navarra is a reference point in R&D facilities. It has two specialized centers:
    CENER, a technology center specialized in applied research and the development and promotion of renewable energies. It is an international center with 200 researchers. It has state-of-the-art technology, such as the wind turbine test laboratory, unique in the world.
    CENIFER, National Center for Training in Renewable Energies. The first initiative of its type in Europe in vocational training for the sector.
  • Navarra has a skilled and experience workforce in the clean technologies sector.
  • A flexible labor force in comparison to other countries (labor laws and a low level of union membership, measures introduced to encourage investment in Spain as a consequence of the recession).
  • It is a very productive region in Spain and Europe for companies to set up their operations.
  • Navarra is a distribution platform, also strategically located for companies to manufacture and distribute their products to North Africa and Portugal.



Navarra is emerging as one of the most dynamic Biomedical clusters in Spain, and it offers interesting opportunities for investment and association in the sector.

Biomedical scientific research in Navarra has a long tradition, developed around the Universidad de Navarra and its Schools of Medicine, Science and Pharmacy. Navarra is home to CIMA (Applied Medical Research Center), the biggest private biomedical research center in Spain. It employs more than 400 researchers from over 20 countries and receives annual investments of more than 20 million euros.

The Biomedical Cluster of Navarra has undergone constant expansion, with new business initiatives at both local level and from outside the region. Nowadays it includes more than 20 companies and research centers employing over 1,000 people. In the last 10 years the number of employees has doubled.

Nowadays, the region has two prestigious universities with a long academic tradition, a prestigious public-private health system that is strongly linked to the universities and other stakeholders that promote applied research, such as the abovementioned CIMA and the Institute of Agrobiotechnology (IdAB).

Some of the most attractive companies in Spain are in the Biomedical cluster, for example:

  • Digna Biotech, the company with the largest line of products under development in Spain.
  • 3P Biopharmaceuticals, the first CDMO (contract development manufacturing organization) in Spain.
  • CINFA, a leader in the sale of generic medicines in Spain.


Invest Spain iis_img_sector_tic

The ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector is the one that has grown the fastest in recent years and is a key economic driver of advanced societies, both through its own growth and the fact that it drives the development of other sectors.

The cross-cutting nature of ICT means that this sector is also critical for the development of other identified strategic sectors (for instance "Smart Grids" in Energy, sensor networks in the Agro Sector applications or “E-Health”).

Navarra has not great tradition in this sector, but counts on a prestigious college and several leading companies in some areas such as Internet Security, GIS ("Geo Information Systems"), Open source ERP and financial applications.

The existing ICT Sector in Navarra can be considered a young one. 86% of companies have been set up in the last 15 years and 67% in the last decade. A total of 26 companies are over 25 years old and only one has turned 30.

The availability of ICTs in Navarra is particularly competitive in the case of control and regulation systems applied to the renewables sector and geographic information systems. Both areas require specific systems, and these are being created by Navarrese companies that have taken advantage of the market niche to acquire experience and extend their services to other regions.

The main companies located in Navarra are: Openbravo, Tracasa, S21 SEC, Conasa, iSOCO, Smart Futura o CyC.

Last updated: 16|07|2015

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