Barometer of the business climate in Spain. Results 2023

ICEX-Invest in Spain | Multinationals by Spain | IESE's International Center for Competitiveness (ICC)

The Barometer collects the opinion of foreign investors, obtained in an annual survey, on the business climate in Spain. (March 2024)

The "Barometer of the Business Climate in Spain from the Perspective of the Foreign Investor" is now in its sixteenth edition and has already become a baseline publication in Spain. This edition includes the assessment and importance given by 707 foreign-owned companies to the business climate in Spain during the 2023 financial year. It also includes its year-end forecasts and the one for next year. This makes it possible to identify, with a medium-term perspective, the main strengths of the environment that need to be maintained, as well as the main areas of action where efforts need to be focused. Foreign-owned companies established in Spain place a high value on infrastructure, as well as market size and human capital. In fact, 88% of the surveyed investors plan to increase or maintain their investments by next year, 4% more than in the last edition. The main areas of study assessed in the Barometer refer to the characteristics and conditions of Spain in relation to its labor market, taxation, regulatory environment, infrastructure, costs, financing, human capital, innovation, market size and quality of life.