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Reasons to invest

1 Location

Andalusia is strategically located between Europe and Africa and serves as a bridge between the Atlantic and Mediterranean as well as gateway to Latin America and the main maritime route connecting the Mediterranean with Asia.

2 Innovation

An extensive network of parks and specialized technology centers provide an ideal environment for RDI. There are over 1,500 innovative companies located in the network of technology hubs that generate 52,800 jobs and more than €6.7bn in annual turnover.

3 Logistics

Complete and effective infrastructure system: five international airports, high-speed rail network, extensive road and highway network, and ten commercial ports, with Algeciras as the main container port in the Mediterranean and fourth largest European port in total traffic. Andalusia also boasts an extensive network of logistics areas and duty-free zones with tax advantages for new companies, manufacturing, assembly and export activities.

4 Labor

The largest workforce in Spain, combining highly skilled workers and very competitive labor costs. Training, talent and skill are the key elements in human resources in Andalusia.

5 Quality of life

Andalusia's quality of life is recognized worldwide. It is Europe's main golf destination and has a network of private international educational centers and public bilingual schools that along with many competitively priced quality hotels and housing make this region an ideal destination for expatriates.