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Key industries


The industry has been important in the region since 1982 when Mecanizaciones Aeronáuticas, S.A. (MASA) was established. The company, whose major clients include Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault and Embraer, specializes in aerospace metal parts manufacturing and metal finishing services.  Several other companies have consolidated around it to meet industry needs.


Agri-food is the most important industry in La Rioja. Product differentiation based on innovation and quality are the cornerstone of the industry’s success. For this, La Rioja has its own technology and research centers devoted to the agri-food.

Within agri-food, the following industries stand out:

-Meat. Dealing mainly in processed meats (chorizo, sausage…).

-Canning. Associated with the region's significant agricultural production of fruit, vegetables (leafy green vegetables, legumes, etc), and mushrooms.

-Wine. This is the region's main industrial activity. Synonymous with quality and tradition, Rioja wine has gained international renown, becoming the best ambassador for La Rioja abroad.


A very important industry for the entire Ebro valley since major automobile manufacturers established themselves in the area (Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Opel (General Motors), Seat and Volkswagen), generating a large auxiliary industry in the region to supply these and other international plants.

Several auto parts manufacturers surfaced in La Rioja after the Opel factory (General Motors) opened in Figueruelas in 1982– some from La Rioja and others, subsidiaries of foreign multinationals.


An important and long standing industry in La Rioja made up of companies of international renown and presence including, Calzados Fal (Chiruca…), Calzados Gaimo (Gaimo Espadrilles, Web…), Calzados Hergar (Callaghan, Gorila…), Calzados Pitillos, Calzados Robusta and Fluchos, as well as numerous components manufacturers.

Renewable energy

Spain is a world power in renewable energy, and La Rioja plays an important role in wind power, solar photovoltaic energy, and biodiesel production, with many companies in the industry.


The services industry is especially important to the economy of La Rioja, as it contributes more than half the regional GDP. It is highly diversified industry, and consists mainly of real estate and business services, commerce, hospitality, transport, and communications.

La Rioja has numerous commercial and hospitality services, well above the national average, mainly in Logroño.

Information and communications technologies are particularly relevant in La Rioja thanks to  the increase in number of companies, and the ICT cluster consolidation. At the same time, a large ICT training center (Think TIC) and excellent connectivity have set the stage for the establishment of support centers like Telefónica and United Internet, which are among the reasons for reinforcing this industry’s growth potential.