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Key industries

Life sciences

Spain ranks fifth in Europe in volume of sales and job creation in the pharmaceutical industry. 80% of the world's largest biomedical and pharmaceutical companies are in Madrid, and multinationals like FAMAR, TEDEC-MEIJi, LILLY, PFIZER and GSK have RDI centers of excellence in the region.


Madrid's ICT industry, with €106.343 billion in turnover, represents 69% of the Spanish market. There were 13,020 active ICT companies in 2018.

All of the major telecom companies in Spain and nearly 50% of all ICT companies in the world have their operations centers in Madrid.

According to Eurostat, Madrid is the second region in Europe in number of technology-related jobs (236,000).


Madrid is Spain’s leading region in industry turnover (more than 65%), and job creation (over 42%).

Adolfo Suarez-Madrid Barajas is the fifth largest airport in Europe in volume of passengers (53 million in 2017) and it has an annual capacity of up to 70 million passengers. 25% of the connections between the EU and Latin America take place at this airport.

Clean energy

Spain is a world power in renewable energy. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance Spain, it is again a major world market, with investments reaching $ 7.8 billion in 2018. The region of Madrid ranks as the industry’s eighth world market. Some of the most prestigious energy research centers in the world are in Madrid, including the Solar Energy Institute at the Madrid Polytechnic University, and the Center for Energy, Environment and Technology Research (CIEMAT). Furthermore, the region created the Madrid Institute of Advanced Energy Studies (IMDEA Energía), with major resources and talent devoted to researching new technologies in renewable energy.


Logistics and transport represent 10% of the gross domestic product (GDP) in Spain. Madrid leads in high added-value logistics, with more than 80% of the country’s turnover, 11 of the 14 largest companies in storage and distribution, and 30% of courier service and parcel delivery companies.