Torrot begins the construction of its new factory in Cádiz

It will invest €16 million in adapting the old Altadis tobacco factory and create 200 jobs

Iván Contreras, CEO of Torrot, recently announced in Cádiz that the construction of the new factory is already underway. These works consist of adapting part of the Altadis facilities (the old tobacco factory) which closed at the end of 2013, and which was acquired by the free port of Cádiz to annex it to its tax-free grounds and increase its attractiveness for investors.

The new electric vehicle factory will be in charge of assembling the velocipede, a new vehicle patented by the Catalonian company, with which it intends to revolutionize urban mobility. This is a kind of three-wheeled motorcycle hybrid with rooftop, for two passengers and without requiring helmets.

Torrot has reserved an investment of €16 million to transform the old tobacco factory into the exclusive factory of this velocipede. This is a 6,000-square meter warehouse that is planned to become operational in the second half of this year. This space, in the past used for artisan tobacco production processes, will in just a few months host a state-of-the-art technology industrial process.

200 new direct jobs
The new facilities will be inaugurated with about 50 employees, and the workforce will increase to about 200 employees when functioning at full capacity, within a period of three to four years.

As Contreras recalls, since the purchase of Torrot in 2015, in which the Black Toro fund has a stake, sustainability and connectivity have been introduced into the company's values, and its sales have skyrocketed thanks to the greater social awareness of the use of 100% electric vehicles.

To date, over 90% of the Torrot production is exported to over fifty countries worldwide. “We are a historic company that has evolved and manufactures in Spain for the global distribution of electric vehicles designed for mobility and sustainability,” affirms Contreras.

Sponsor of Cádiz CF
Soon after signing the contract to occupy the factory last October, Contreras wished to consolidate its commitment to Cádiz by announcing its sponsorship of the city's football team. “This sponsorship contract is a sincere display of our commitment to this land, as well as our appreciation for the positive welcome given to our arrival to the Bay of Cádiz”, he then explained.

The sponsorship, through which the backside of the players' pants will display the Torrot logo, was launched in February, and will link both entities during the upcoming three seasons.