Mobike becomes the fifth bike-sharing service in Madrid

Its extension to other Spanish cities will depend on the results of this experience

Madrid now has another bike sharing service. The Chinese company Mobike has become the fifth to provide this service in the capital, after the BiciMad municipal service; Ofo, another Chinese company; oBike from Singapore; and Donkey Republic from Denmark. Mobike has already launched this pilot programme that heralds its arrival in the Spanish market.

Operations have been rolled out gradually with just a small number of bikes to ensure their optimal deployment, distribution and maintenance. It is certainly not due to lack of experience, as Spain is the 19th country in the world chosen by Mobike for its operations.

The application shows the area in the capital where the service can be used and where bikes can be parked, as they do not use fixed bike parks. To ensure they are correctly parked, a extra five euros are charged if the rules are not observed. And to avoid improper use, Mobike is offering at 1000-euro reward to anyone who reports misuse, vandalism or theft, provided this report helps achieve a conviction for the perpetrators of the crime.

Sustainable mobility
The objectives of Madrid city council's sustainable urban mobility plan was one of the factors that encouraged the company to bring its low-emissions transport offer to Spain. In fact, Mobike it says it will maintain an open channel of communication with the municipal authority to jointly develop new solutions for urban mobility.

According to Hunab Moreno, director of operations at Mobike Spain: “We are convinced the bicycle can directly contribute to building a sustainable, universal, and efficient transport system for cities. The new challenges of mobility and the environment are already being discussed in the city of Madrid, and we believe that Mobike has the resources and experience to increase bicycle use in the city”.

Its extension to other Spanish cities will depend on the results of the experience in Madrid. Moreno says: “Our priority will be to ensure that we provide a high-quality, accessible and sustainable mobility service for Madrid's residents and visitors... Mobike can offer a solution to the mobility opportunities in Spanish cities, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with cities and companies to reduce congestion and pollution levels”.