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Key Industries


The automotive industry represents 10% of industry in Catalonia and includes the entire value chain, from manufacturers (OEM) to suppliers (TIER). Catalonia is one of the main automaking regions in Europe and is spearheading the transformation of the industry toward electric and connected vehicles.


The petrochemical complex in Tarragona, located in southern Catalonia, is the largest chemical hub in southern Europe. Twenty-seven percent of Spain's chemical companies and 46% of its total turnover are in Catalonia. The chemical industry is the third most important for the Catalan economy and the primary destination of foreign investment in this industry in Spain. 

Industry 4.0

Catalan industry is rapidly adopting advanced technologies such as digitization, 3D printing and robotics, and Catalonia is becoming a leading destination for foreign company innovation centers. Catalonia combines a strong industrial economy (21% of GDP) with a highly developed ICT sector, making it a leading region in Industry 4.0. 

Life sciences

An important network of medical institutions, hospitals, research centers, new biotech and pharmaceutical companies make Barcelona and Catalonia a major hub for life sciences. Catalonia has the densest pharmaceutical ecosystem in Europe and exports 45% of the industry total in Spain.


Food is the leading industry of the Catalan economy. It has grown at an annual rate of 4% in the last three years to €28 billion in total sales, or 23.5% of the industry total in Spain. Catalonia’s expertise in food production and technology is significant, and it is the production and distribution headquarters for major multinationals.