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Key industries


The energy industry in the Basque Country/Euskadi is strategic and very dynamic throughout the whole of the value chain - for example, the manufacture of capital goods or services to install and maintain energy infrastructures. Most noteworthy are the Basque Country companies that are international leaders (Iberdrola, Siemens Gamesa, Petronor/Repsol, Sener Energía). They, along with EVE (Basque Energy Board), the Basque Government Agency responsible for developing projects and initiatives in line with the policies defined by the government, are open to international collaboration.

The companies have a robust scientific-technological support infrastructure to support the Euskadi's strategic commitment to offshore wind power (Wind Box advanced manufacturing center), marine energy (with Bimep: offshore platform for testing prototypes),smart grids (testing and high power laboratories: Bidelek and Ingrid), energy storage Energigune research center) and transportation (IBIL/REPSOL).


  1. Automotive: The automotive industry in the Basque Country/Euskadi is innovative, competitive, and extensive. The entire automotive value chain is well represented with two manufacturers (OEMs), namely Mercedes Benz (Daimler) and Irizar (bus manufacturer) and many spare parts companies that work with leading international producers. The Basque Country is responsible for more than 45% of the Spanish automobile industry’s production volume. The Automotive Intelligence Center (AIC) offers international companies a world-class center as supporting infrastructure.
  2. Aeronautics: The aeronautics industry is one of the Basque Country’s strategic industries, both for the development of high value-added products and for generating skilled employment. The Basque Country/Euskadi is a center of excellence in aeronautics thanks to extensive industry experience, concentration of suppliers, major technology plans and R&D projects, and the level of internationalization and foreign affairs. Companies like ITP/Rolls Royce, Aernova and Sener, and the Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Center, draw investors.
  3. Maritime industry: The maritime industry plays a significant role in the economy of the Basque Country/Euskadi, a region whose customs and traditions are linked to the sea. The most representative companies in this industry, a benchmark in the international market, are Sener Naval, Vicinay Cadenas, a world leader in moorings for maritime uses. Balenciaga, Murueta and Zamakona are prominent, technology focused and internationally competitive shipyards.
  4. The Basque railrod industry is a market pioneer, with solutions and services adapted to the specific needs of each operator and project. The industry’s firm commitment to innovation and technological developments has been a key factor in this highly internationalized industry. The Spanish Railroad Industry Association MAFEX, is headquartered in the Basque Country, along with major companies like CAF-Construcción y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles – a prime example and leader in the international railroad industry –, Bombardier and Talgo.

Advanced machinery

Two features define the machine-tool industry in the Euskadi: international expansion and innovation. A strong commitment to innovation and technological development - with centers like the Institute of Training and Innovation in Machine Tools (IMH), Invema (research institute) and the AFM cluster - is the mainstay of this industry’s growth. The companies that work in this industry produce a variety of components for aeronautical and automobile manufacturers, etc. They make over 2,000 types of machines and a wide range of highly competitive products that they exhibit at the Machine Tool Biennial (BIEMH), one of Europe's most important fairs in this industry.

The biggest hybrid machine to incorporate additive manufacturing and multitask machining, was created in the Basque Country/Euskadi. ADD & PROCESS, developed by IBARMIA in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country and Tecnalia technology corporation, is a new concept in multiprocess machining centers that will revolutionize the industry.  

Electronics and ICTs

The electronics and information and communications technology industries include companies that encourage organizational transformations to promote competitiveness and growth through technology, innovation, and knowledge. In the Basque Country/Euskadi turnover in this industry amounts to around €3bn. Projects that integrate electronic, information and telecommunications solutions provide business process optimization/management for industrial, commercial, and service organizations. Among the key players are Ibermática, an ICT services company with a staff of over 3,000, and Euskaltel, the Basque Country telecommunications operator.

The region’s Basque Cybersecurity Center promotes cybersecurity in Basque companies, as crucial to management innovation. The center has centralized coordination for industrial cybersecurity matters.

BCSC offers companies centralized advice on cyber-incident response guidelines and services, which allow them to anticipate cyberattacks. BCSC is the meeting place for suppliers, and for those that require cybersecurity services. Its dual aim is to promote industry that offers this type of service, and to encourage the rest of local industry to protect itself. BCSC also supports industrial cybersecurity research, development and innovation solutions; promotes the creation or consolidation of specialized startups; collaborates with Ertzaintza to pursue cybercrime and ensure that sensitive installations are more secure, and with the Department of Education to encourage the creation of a professional cybersecurity network. Furthermore, BCSC collaborates with other public agencies that offer citizens cybersecurity services in personal or domestic areas.


The Basque bioregion, or BioBasque, represents the collaboration between the academic world, the health system, and industry, supported by a vast network of infrastructures and a public administration that promotes business activity. Within the bioregion, the business sector is bolstered by the convergence of various areas of knowledge, and technology. Biologics expertise is enhanced by deep-rooted experience in engineering, manufacturing, microtechnology, electronics, robotics and automation, and the new possibilities in nanotechnology.

This important industry contributes wealth and added value to the Basque Country/Euskadi thanks to major investments in R&D, the offer of high-quality employment, and an international focus.  The industry comprises the country’s leading companies, research centers, universities and hospitals.

Basque Health Cluster – Basque Association of Biohealth Companies. Its mission is to coordinate, represent, manage, promote, and defend the common interests of companies in this industry, and to contribute to their international expansion.

Key players include the pharmaceutical companies FAES FARMA, ROXALL and PRAXIS Pharmaceutical; and biotechs Grifols Group, Progenika Biofarma and the Noray Biosciences Group (Noray BG). The major R&D infrastructures that attract international investment include, the unique facility in Spain and European benchmark, CIC bioGUNE, a leading research center in cell, molecular, and structural biology; and CIC biomaGUNE.