Second Call

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deadline for submissions 13/03/2023





Up to a maximum of  5,160,795.36 €

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This call is part of ICT/1292/2021, of November 15, which establishes the regulatory bases for these subsidies. With it is intended to promote R&D investment in Spain by companies with foreign ownership that are already established or are planning to set up in Spain.

For the purposes of this call, a foreign-owned company is defined as a company with a foreign stake of at least 50% of its share capital. Foreign shareholders with a stake in the company may be either legal entities domiciled abroad or natural persons not resident in Spain. Furthermore, the requirement of having a percentage of foreign investment equal to or greater than 50% shall be deemed to be met when this investment has been made directly in the capital of the applicant company or when this percentage of foreign investment is reached indirectly, through a shareholding by a third entity/entities which, in turn, have a stake in the applicant company.

Projects will be assessed on a competitive basis according to the criteria set out in the call for applications, and the General Block Exemption Regulation (EU Regulation No 651/2014) will apply.

The maximum aid ceiling per beneficiary may not exceed 800,000 euros (aid received by companies in the same business group will be cumulative). The aid will be a percentage of the investment made, consisting of at least 500,000 euros.

The projects to be supported must be implemented before 30 June 2024 in one or more of the Autonomous Communities in Spain.

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