Balearic Islands

Exceptional geographic location and excellent transportation links

Their geographic location makes the Balearic Islands an ideal launch pad for business. They provide access to the established markets of Europe and the up-and-coming markets of the rest of the world. They are also strategically placed in the most dynamic region of Spain.

Baleares - Modern inland infrastructure network

Modern inland infrastructure network

The islands have a large transportation network, making local connections easier with a modern, safe road system that is being improved all the time. It is used by a large number of public transportation companies that link towns to each other and to the capital of each island. Majorca has a railway service and the city of Palma has a subway line that connects the university with the city center and industrial zones.

Baleares - Ideal site for professional and business meetings

Ideal site for professional and business meetings

Their characteristics, experience, infrastructure and environment make the Balearic Islands an ideal location for combining business with pleasure. This has made the islands the venue for important national and international meetings.

Baleares - Open, dynamic economy

Open, dynamic economy

The gross domestic product of the Balearic Islands has been growing steadily and its contribution to production in the Spanish economy has increased rapidly. Per capita income is above the European average and the islands have a growth pattern very similar to that of the most established economies.

Baleares - Tourism and leisure cluster

Tourism and leisure cluster

The Balearic Islands are the second-ranked tourist resort in Spain and welcome more than ten million foreign tourists a year.
Their immense historical, architectural and cultural heritage makes the islands a first-class resort for culture and lends them their special personality and charm.

Baleares - Institutional stability and legislative framework

Institutional stability and legislative framework

Within the framework of the European Union, legal and fiscal stability encourages economic activity and positions the Balearic Islands as the perfect location for business development.

Baleares - Enterprising and innovative spirit

Enterprising and innovative spirit

The residents of the Balearic Islands have a great deal of initiative. It is the region with the largest number of companies per thousand inhabitants. The islands are home to internationally famous fashion and design companies with top quality products, innovative technologies and an environment-friendly approach.
The Balearic economy represents the convergence of strong demand and enterprising business spirit, creating a number of synergies, making the market dynamic and steadily increasing business opportunities.

Baleares - Professional and qualified human capital

Institutional stability and legislative framework

The Balearic Islands offer highly qualified human capital that is well educated, highly motivated and taken from a young population. Human resources are an element of production that is currently on the increase.

Baleares - High quality of life and excellent working conditions

High quality of life and excellent working conditions

The islands have a pleasant climate most of the year and countryside of exceptional natural beauty, both of which are paramount in making the Balearic Islands one of the regions with the highest quality of life.

Baleares - Incorporation of new technologies

Incorporation of new technologies

The Balearic Islands have a significant capacity for innovation and are attractive for the new technologies sector. The region works to take advantage of the potential of telecommunications to attract clean industries and high value-added activities related to scientific research.

Last updated: 16|07|2015

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