Basque Country

Southern Europe Pole of Competitiveness

Represents one of the largest industrial concentrations in Spain and their quality levels puts it at the top of Europe. It currently has 1,660 internationalized companies and over 5,000 with the highest quality certifications.
The Basque Country has one of the highest productivity rates in Europe (128.5 - EU - 28: 100) and specialized suppliers, with over 4,000 companies in a radius of just 100 km with high standards of quality and immediate response in any manufacturing process.
The most important industries are the Energy sector, Mobility (automotive, aeronautics, rail, maritime industry), Machinery and Capital Goods, Information Technology, Biosciences and the Environment.

Basque Country: The highest intensity in technology and innovation of the State

 The Basque Country is the autonomous community that earmarks the highest percentage of its GDP to R&D&i, 2.09%.

 Commitment to innovation is its hallmark, a commitment that has brought it recognition and resources at European and international level. The Basque Country has about 12,000 researchers, half of whom work in companies located in Technology Parks.
The Technology Parks of Euskadi, Tecnalia and IK-4 technology platforms, the Cooperate Research Centres and Centres of Excellence, are the cornerstone on which the R&D&i strategy of the Basque Country turns.


Talent: 46.6% of the working population of the Basque Country has Higher Education

Training is the key that opens the door to a competitive future. Thus, the Basque Country directs its efforts towards the development of a clear and close educational model, providing value and quality assurance. It has reinforced its commitment to the development of people´s talent, concentrating a nursery of future professionals, who are highly qualified and ready to take charge of the future both locally and internationally. The state university concentrates eight out of ten students; The Basque Country is the autonomous community that has the most educational technology in its classrooms. And it is European leader in Vocational Training.

Strategic Position of the Basque Country: A well-connected Country.

Its strategic position next to the French border gives the Basque Country high added value in the transport and distribution field. Most goods entering and leaving Spain do so through some of the major pathways the Basque Country offers, by land, by sea or by air. The seaports of Bilbao and Pasajes are connected with 500 ports worldwide. The three Basque capitals have an airport. You can travel in less than two hours, to major European cities from Bilbao International Airport. The Foronda airport in Vitoria-Gasteiz is one of four major cargo airports in the state. San Sebastian Airport has connections to major cities of the State. The most modern and extensive roads and railways also facilitate connections with the European Atlantic axis.

Tax and Financial Autonomy: Administration close to business.

Business development and promoting the creation of new companies and businesses are two of the Basque Government's biggest commitments. This commitment is made possible by the fiscal and revenue capacity of the Basque Country, with its own financial, the Economic Agreement, which gives Euskadi the capacity to regulate and manage and that establishes and regulates the financial and tax relations between Euskadi and the State.

A Place to Live: The highest quality of life in the State.

The Basque Country is the territory with the highest quality of life in the State, according to an OECD report, which measures variables like health, education, employment, income, security, the environment, public participation, access to services and housing.
Tradition and innovation, prehistory and modernity, green and blue. The Basque Country has its own particular way of looking at the world from his little territory full of colours, smells and tastes that invite you to come, to discover, to have unique experiences: Its cuisine, with the highest concentration of Michelin stars in the World, its language of more than 5000 years of history, its sports and avant-garde museums like the Guggenheim Bilbao. A balanced social and economic development, the pursuit of excellence, the transformation processes of cities, the internationalization of companies and firm commitment to innovation and to be among the best in the world, make the Basque Country one of the most attractive places to live and invest.

Last updated: 24|02|2016

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