La Rioja

1. La Rioja - Aerospace

aeronautico_definitiva_29872_ Aerospace

This sector has become important in the region since the implantation of the company Mecanizaciones Aeronáuticas, S.A. (MASA) in 1982. Said enterprise specialises in the manufacture of finished metal parts equipped for the aerospace industry and has important clients that include EADS and its subsidiary Airbus, Embraer, Latecoere, Gamesa Aeronáutica, Air Liquide and Sino Sweringer. A good number of specialised businesses have consolidated their operations around this company to meet sector requirements.

2. La Rioja - Agriculture

agroindustria_definitiva_2994 Agriculture

The agricultural sector is the most important industry in La Rioja. Differentiation through product quality and innovation have been the bases for the sector's success. Accordingly, La Rioja has several of its own agricultural research and technology centres.
The agricultural sector includes the following subsectors:

  • Meat. Mainly dedicated to the manufacture of cold meats and sausages (chorizo, salchichón, etc.).
  • Canning industry. Associated with the region’s considerable agricultural production of fruit, vegetables, pulses and funghi (mushrooms, etc.).
  • Wine. This is the main industrial activity in the region. The wine of Rioja is synonymous with quality and tradition and has achieved great international prestige. It has also become La Rioja's best ambassador abroad.

In the sector, the tobacco industry has always been relevant owing to the historical presence of Tabacalera, currently called Altadis and owned by the British firm Imperial Tobacco.

3. La Rioja - Car industry

automocion_definitiva_29945_ Car industry

This sector has been very important all along the Valley of El Ebro since the implantation of the leading car manufacturers (Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Opel (General Motors), Seat and Volkswagen). This has created an important auxiliary industry in our region to satisfy the requirements of these and other international plants.
In La Rioja, especially after the opening of the Opel (General Motors) factory in Figueruelas (Zaragoza) in 1982, many companies have been started up in the manufacture of parts for the car industry; some of said companies are from La Rioja and others are subsidiaries of foreign multinationals.
Companies from La Rioja include the Rioglass Group, which was incorporated in 1992 and is dedicated to the manufacture of glass used mainly for the car industry. It also has factories elsewhere in Spain and in Belgium, Brazil and France.

4. La Rioja - Footwear

calzado_definitiva_29944_ Footwear

AThis is a sector of great tradition and importance in La Rioja. It has companies of international renown and presence, such as Calzados Fal (Chiruca…), Calzados Gaimo (Gaimo Espadrilles, Web…), Calzados Hergar (Callaghan, Gorila…), Calzados Pitillos, Calzados Robusta and Fluchos, together with a large number of companies dedicated to the manufacture of parts.

5. La Rioja - Renewable energy sources

energias_renovables_definitiv Renewable energy sources

Spain is a world power in renewable energy and La Rioja is very important in wind power, photovoltaic solar energy and the production of biodiesel, with many companies working in the sector.

6. La Rioja - Services

nearshore_definitiva_29946_ Services

The services sector is very important for the economy of La Rioja and provides more than half the regional GDP. It is highly diversified and comprises mainly state agencies and business services, trade, the hotel and catering industry, transport and communications.
La Rioja is an important supplier of commercial and hotel or catering services, far higher than the national average and concentrated mainly in Logroño.
Information and communications technologies are particularly relevant in La Rioja thanks to the consolidation of the La Rioja company, which was incorporated in 1996 and has become leader in Spain and one of the best European companies in the web hosting and domain name registration sector.

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