Madrid - Health Sciences

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Spain is the fifth-largest market in Europe in terms of sales volumes and the creation of employment in the pharmaceutical industry. The autonomous community of Madrid is home to more than 400 businesses that generate more than 24,000 direct jobs in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical equipment industries. One quarter of all the biotechnology companies in Spain are based in Madrid and their turnover accounts for more than 60% of Spain as a whole.


The Madrid health cluster is based on the following:

  • A high concentration of companies that specialise in the search for new medicines to treat cancer, Alzheimer's, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson’s disease and allergies, clinical and molecular diagnosis, cell-based treatments, genetic sequencing, pharmacogenomy, toxicology, nanobiotechnology, the production of extracellular transcription agents, molecule-purification, animal models and bio-informatics, among others. The cluster known as the Madrid platform for health and well-being brings together the most innovative businesses in the health sector operating in our community, together with research centres, services companies, the public authorities and user groups.
  • Availability of qualified professionals. More than 600 new doctors graduate each year in specialities related to health sciences. More than 5000 researchers work at universities and public research centres and provide almost one third of Spain's scientific publications in biomedicine.
  • Infrastructures that favour R&D activities and the transfer to the industrial sector: universities and centres of excellence in biomedical research; scientific parks that provide innovative companies with physical access and business and technological development services; hospitals; technology platforms; and the regional technology transfer network (Madri+d).

Companies that already operate in Madrid

Madrid is home to most of the international companies that operate in this sector: Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb, Merck Serono, Novartis, Abbott Laboratories, Roche, Wyeth, Genzyme and Schwarz Pharma. Besides their production centres, businesses of the stature of GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, Sanofi Aventis, Janssen Cilag and Lilly have set up their research centres of excellence in Madrid.


Madrid - ICT

tic_definitiva_30258_ ICT

With a turnover of €51.7 billion, the ICT sector in Spain is the fifth largest in the European Union. In 2007, the Spanish ICT market grew at a rate of 4.8%, 1.4% higher than the EU-25. Estimates suggest that, in 2008, ICT will have grown 4% in Spain in comparison with an average of 2.9% in Europe. The autonomous community of Madrid accounts for 46% of the Spanish ICT market.


The main reasons why the autonomous community of Madrid is considered as an ideal location in Europe by companies in the ICT sector are as follows:

  • Madrid is an ICT cluster. The region accounts for 30% of the facilities of IT companies. A total number of 12,017 businesses are based in Madrid, which is the equivalent of 25% of Spanish ICT enterprises. The Madrid Network includes the region's technology parks and clusters.
  • Availability of qualified workers. Madrid is the third-ranking region in the EU-27 in terms of hi-tech professionals. There are currently more than 144,000 people employed in the ICT sector in Madrid, together with 64,000 engineering students.
  • High rate of adoption of and investment in ICT. Madrid reports the highest rates of adoption of new technologies in homes, businesses and public authorities.

Companies that already operate in Madrid

Some of the foreign enterprises that have set up in the autonomous community of Madrid include British Telecom, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Nortel Networks, Vodafone, France Telecom, Nokia, Cisco, Motorola, Avaya, 3COM, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Sage, Philips, Telindus, LG, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Toshiba, NEC, HP, Yahoo!, Fujitsu, SAP, Unisys, NCR, Hitachi, Bull, Xerox and Lexmar. Madrid also has recognised R&D centres belonging to multinationals such as Microsoft, Motorola, IBM, Vodafone, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Atos Origin, HP, BT and Ericsson.


Madrid - Aerospace

aeronautico_definitiva_30261_ Aerospace

The Spanish aerospace industry is the fifth-largest in Europe. Madrid is Spain’s leading region in this field and accounts for more than 65% of the sector's turnover.

In the present context of the sector, the success of aerospace companies will be heavily influenced by their capacity for moving to locations that offer better business opportunities in business-friendly environment backed by governments that are committed to the industry. Madrid is one of the most competitive locations in Europe.


  • Centre of aerospace excellence with great business opportunities: with more than 20,000 employees, Madrid is one of the largest clusters in Europe. The presence of the world's largest OEMs and the growth of the sector in the region offer companies great business opportunities.
  • A government committed to the aerospace industry: both the Spanish government and the regional government of Madrid have put in place specific strategic plans that are specific for the sector. Their commitment and the incentives on offer have successfully maintained the growth of the regional industry over the last decade. The Aerospace cluster backs the autonomous community of Madrid as an international centre of excellence on the aerospace market and guarantees that its members remain at the fore of innovation, stimulating and providing support for collaboration and the exchange of know-how.
  • Madrid has some of the most highly qualified human resources in Europe at competitive labour costs: more than 50,000 students are currently completing their studies in engineering and more than 400 aeronautical engineers graduate in Madrid each year. Labour costs are significantly lower than other countries in Western Europe and the United States.

Companies that already operate in Madrid

Madrid is home to some of the largest international OEMs in the sector, such as EADS, Airbus, Boeing, Eurcopter, General Dynamics, Hexcel and Thales, as well as the most representative Spanish companies: Indra, ITP, Aernnova and Iberia Mantenimiento. There is also a widespread presence of recognised R&D centres, such as Boeing R&T Europe, INTA, ESA, NASA and FIDAMC.


Madrid - Clean energies

energias_renovables_definitiv Clean energies

Spain is one of the world powers in renewable energies. In this context, the autonomous community of Madrid offers ideal conditions for setting up new companies in this sector:


  • Committed institutional support. Renewable energies constitute a strategic sector in the determination of the autonomous community of Madrid's economic policies. Accordingly, the Regional Energy Plan of the Autonomous Community of Madrid has set the target of doubling the annual production of renewable energy by 2012 in comparison with 2004. The autonomous community of Madrid has recently created the Madrid Cluster for sustainability and renewable energies and the region has specific incentives for encouraging the use of renewable energies.
  • R&D resources in renewable energies. Madrid has 25% of Spain's R&D professionals, with spending on research and development totalling 1.96% of the regional GDP, higher than the European average (1.83%). The autonomous community of Madrid is also the location for some of the most prestigious sectoral research centres in the world, such as the Energy Institute of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Centre for Research in Energy, the Environment and Technology (in Spanish, CIEMAT). The community has also created the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Energy (in Spanish, (IMDEA Energía), which has a large amount of resources and talent devoted to researching new technologies in renewable energies.
  • High concentration of know-how and decision centres. There is a high concentration of specific know-how and a large number of national and international decision centres in the fields of photovoltaic solar energy, thermoelectric solar energy, thermal solar energy, wind energy, biomass, biogas and geothermics, etc. Together with the excellence in infrastructures, this concentration represents a special potential as a launch platform for accessing the European, Latin American and North African markets.

Companies that already operate in Madrid

The companies in the sector that are already up and running in Madrid include Iberdrola Renovables, Sunpower Corp, First Solar, Suntech, Yingli, Solfocus, Técnicas Reunidas, Wagner Solar, Viesmann, Schüco, Petratherm, ABB Power Technology, Acciona Energía, Foster Wheeler, RWE, Suzlon, Vestas, Lurgi, Alfa Laval and Gea, among many others.


Madrid - Logistics

logistica_definitiva_30259_ Logistics

In Spain, logistics and haulage represent 10% of the gross domestic product (GDP). Madrid leads the way in high value-added logistics, concentrating more than 80% of the country's turnover and 11 of the 14 largest storage and distribution businesses and 30% of courier companies.


The main reasons why Madrid is a centre of attraction for distribution centres for southern Europe and North Africa and a headquarters/decision centre for logistics companies are as follows:

  • Its privileged geographical and strategic position in the centre of the Iberian peninsular, which enables fast and convenient access to suppliers/customers.
  • Excellence in intermodal infrastructures. An offer of logistics services and infrastructures covering more than 24.3 million m², with Madrid-Barajas as Spain's leading airport in goods turnover. Madrid is currently developing the largest intermodal platform in southern Europe on an area of 40 ha and designed to absorb the growth of the sea and air transport flows from and to Spain.
  • Key connection for Latin America: 30% of European flights to Latin America pass through Madrid and the airport of Madrid-Barajas is Europe's logistic hub for the region.
  • National consumer and production centre. Madrid accounts for 17.4% of the GDP, absorbing 60% of international goods flows. Mercamadrid is the largest perishable goods market in Europe and the second-largest in the world, preceded only by Tokyo. Logistics platform Madrid includes all the logistics players and promotes Madrid as a logistics platform. It coordinates all the current and future initiatives, identifies areas for improvement, fosters cooperation between the public and private sectors for managing and promoting common interests and collaborates on all the actions that help consolidate Madrid as the largest logistics platform on the Iberian peninsular, in Ibero-America and in Africa.

Companies that already operate in Madrid

The main logistics operators with central offices in Madrid include UPS, DHL, Schenker, Kühne Nagel, TNT, Nippon Express, Palletways, Fedex, Ocasa and Aeromexpress, among many others. The following companies also maintain their distribution centres for the Iberian peninsula in Madrid: Sanofis-Aventis, Abbot Laboratorios, ToysRus, Decathlon, FNAC and Siemens.

Last updated: 16|07|2015

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