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Key industries

Tourism industry

Hotels, tourism intermediaries, passenger transport and leisure.

Includes the experience-based industries, which are those associated with tourism, sport and functional creativity, culture and communication.

The Balearic Islands have experience in tourism management, excellent resources, extensive additional options and a business culture focused on quality and excellence. The islands are tackling the challenge of sustainable, diversified growth and the goal is to supplement sun and sand options with new forms of tourism to create new demand for quality, which also helps to increase the amount spent on tourism.



Products and food distribution services, services associated with technology and consulting applied to tourism, construction and hotel equipment, services for foreign residents and housing.

Includes all agents working on the development of solutions for a more sustainable tourism industry, from physical infrastructures, to ICT and consulting services.

Food industry

Food and gourmet products.


Includes the entire value chain, from the primary sector and first steps in the transformation process to distribution, retail and the catering and restaurant business, including the traditional food industry.

Fashion industry

Footwear and accessories, clothing and costume jewelry.


It mainly includes manufacturing and production industries, in which design plays a vital role. These are primarily the fashion and real estate sectors.

Health and quality of life industry

Includes the health, biopharmaceutical, nutrition and cosmetics industries. It also includes support services.

Other industries

Moreover, the Government of the Balearic Islands has identified highly specialized activities as strategic and value-added industrial sectors, with potential for growth and a high industrial component, including: 


A)      NAUTICAL AND AERONAUTICS INDUSTRY: Construction, repair and maintenance of vessels and aircraft.


B)      FASHION INDUSTRY: Including footwear, costume jewelry, jewelry and the textile industry.




D)     AGRI-FOOD INDUSTRY: Food and beverages.