Deloitte opens its first Spanish robotics center in Madrid

One hundred professionals will join a team of 4,000 specialists in its five international centers

Spain has been chosen by Deloitte for the opening of its fifth robotics center and the second in Europe, after the ones already operating in the United States, Mexico, Czech Republic and India. The company has been providing advice on robotics to companies in Spain for two years, so the opening of a specific center marks a further step in the strategy of this firm specializing in professional services.

The objective of the robotics center is to streamline companies' processes and innovation in robotics by incorporating specific work and knowledge management methodologies. This center of excellence expects to double the business in one year by positioning itself as one of the main robotics centers in Europe.

Deloitte estimates that by 2020, the robotic process automation (RPA) business will move between 12.7 (according to data from HfS Research) and 54 billion dollars (according to Morgan Stanley).

The Madrid center, which occupies an area of 850 square meters, has incorporated 100 professionals with whom Deloitte plans to reinforce its consulting services for digital and technological transformation.

Five-year forecast
Luis González Gugel, partner responsible for Robotics at Deloitte, says: “According to a recent study by our company, the adoption of robots for process automation will be practically universal in only five years. Other forecasts include the parallel and progressive incorporation of cognitive elements to this technology; exponential growth in the volume of digitized data to expand their capacity; and the concurrent development of big data and analytics so these vast amounts of data –which are highly destructured at their source– can be analyzed in real time”.

He adds: “And the combination of all these elements with each other makes it almost impossible to imagine the new heights that can be reached. In fact, we are now seeing solutions to problems for which there was previously no economically viable answer”.

Héctor Flórez, managing partner for consulting at Deloitte, says: “Robotics is undoubtedly an engine for transforming businesses”. With this vision of the future, Deloitte has signed agreements with the main RPA software providers worldwide.