The 100 reasons that make Spain attractive to foreign investment

The report by Multinationals for the Spain brand aims to reinforce Spain's image as an investment destination

Multinationals for the Spain brand has published a report aimed at increasing investment by foreign multinationals in Spain. “Positive factors for foreign investment in Spain” seeks to reinforce Spain's image and reputation as an investment destination.

To showcase these positive factors, the report has been structured around the 100 reasons that make Spain so attractive, based on various parameters like the size of the market, the development of its infrastructures, talent, innovation capacity, quality of life, costs and the business environment.

In the first section, the report explains that the Spanish economy has been growing since 2014, and that in recent years it has overtaken the European Union average, at over 3%. In the section on the market it explains that Spain represents 2.1% of the total foreign direct investment (FDI) worldwide, and is sixth in the EU. All in all, there are over 12,000 subsidiaries of multinational companies in Spain with a total of 1,380,000 employees.

Mark Hall, CEO of HSBC in Spain, which sponsored the report, said: “The economy's potential for growth is one of the main factors that make Spain one of the most attractive companies for investing. At HSBC we will continue supporting not only multinationals in Spain but also Spanish companies here and wherever we have a presence”.

Extensive network of infrastructures
The section on infrastructures highlights the 3000 km of railway lines in Spain, the second most extensive in the OECD, and its third place in terms of passenger volumes in the EU. With over 15,000 km, Spain also has the EU's largest network of dual carriageways and motorways, and is the second European power in terms of port-loaded container traffic, and the 11th in the world.

Adolfo Aguilar, chairman of Multinationals for the Spain brand, says: “Spain effectively combines technology and talent to produce quality goods and services aimed at the international demand. Multinational companies play a crucial role in leveraging these opportunities and in contributing to ensuring that the excellent investment climate in Spain can attain its maximum potential”.

Other data highlighted by the report include the high number of graduates in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the digitisation process, its innovation capacity and the high rates of entrepreneurship.

Among more subjective factors, the report notes the local population's reputation for openness and tolerance, the quality of life, efficient healthcare, life expectancy and its ample list of World Heritage sites. Spain is an attractive destination for foreign investment in terms of the ratio between value, cost and risk, because it is a leading democracy and one of the safest territories in the world.