Relevent Sports will stage LaLiga matches in the United States and Canada

The two companies have embarked on a 50-50% 15-year joint venture

The media, sport and entertainment multinational Relevent Sports has partnered with the LaLiga regular Spanish soccer competition to promote this sport in the United States and Canada. Together they have launched LaLiga North America, a joint venture in which each one will have a 50% share and which is scheduled to run for the next 15 years.

LaLiga North America, headquartered in New York, will act as the exclusive representative of LaLiga in both North American countries. Among other objectives, one idea is to stage an official first division competition match in the United States. This would be the first of its kind to be played outside Europe.

In a press note, the partners note that they can count on the “unequaled assets” of “the world's best soccer league featuring internationally recognized clubs and players”. Their aim is to make history by taking “the world's most popular sport in numbers of participants and spectators” to two countries where it does not yet enjoy similar success but which are showing increasing interest.

Promotional activities
In addition to staging a top-flight match, LaLiga North America intends to launch activities such as children's schools, training for grassroots football coaches, marketing agreements and exhibition matches.

According to Stephen Ross, chairman and owner of Relevent. “This extraordinary joint venture is the next giant leap in growing soccer's popularity in North America”. He added: “This unique relationship will create new opportunities for millions of North American soccer fans to experience the most passionate, exciting, and highest level of soccer in the world”.

For his part, Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, said: “We're devoted to growing the passion for soccer around the world. This ground-breaking agreement is certain to give a major impulse to the popularity of the beautiful game in the US and Canada. Relevant has filled stadiums across the US with the International Champions Cup, and we're thrilled to partner with them on a joint mission to grow soccer in North America”.