Nidec Arisa inaugurates a new factory in La Rioja

It has invested €30 million in its construction and expects to increase its workforce by 20%

After 75 years in the center of Logroño, the company Arisa, which in 2015 was acquired by the Japanese multinational Nidec Corporation, has inaugurated its new facilities in the neighboring town of Navarrete. At the new plant, double in size, it will continue with its production of mechanical presses.

The President of the regional government, José Ignacio Ceniceros, attended the inauguration of the new Nidec Arisa factory in Navarrete which, according to the regional body's website, has entailed a €30 million investment. During the event, he affirmed: “La Rioja is an attractive territory for industrial activity and for investors”.

Growth of employment and turnover
The move from the capital has enabled the company to expand from the 13,000 square meters of its old installations to the 26,000 square meters of its new facilities. Ceniceros congratulates the commitment of Nidec to La Rioja, which, furthermore, “has consolidated the personality of Arisa and doubled its workforce in the last three years”.

According to several media sources, the transfer of the 210-employee workforce to the new factory will take place gradually. Since the entry of Nidec, turnover has more than tripled to €85 million in 2017, and the workforce, which has duplicated, is expected to grow another 20%.