The Toledo theme park built by Puy du Fou opens its doors

They expect to receive more than a million visitors each year and it is a total investment of more than 240 million

As we announced in February of last year, the French group Puy du Fou is launching a theme park in Toledo about the history of Spain, which they expect will have more than one million visitors per year and is a total investment of more than 240 million.

During the groundbreaking ceremony that took place this January, it was announced that the park will open its doors next August 30th with their first big evening show called "The Dream of Toledo" which will have more than 150 actors.

The shows as well as the buildings in the park will be designed to merge with the landscape, and will form several sets to evoke the towns and villages of the period they represent, in the history of Spain, from the Celtiberians through to the 19th century.

The French company Puy du Fou chose Toledo for its first park outside of France. By 2021, more than 183 million euros will have been invested and more than 600 direct and around 2,000 indirect jobs will have been created. Those are the estimations of the promoters, who have investors in Spain such as Mapfre and the public company Sociedad para el Desarrollo Industrial de Castilla-La Mancha (Sodicaman), the regional corporation for industrial development, and financing from Caixabank, as well as other French investors and banks.

Started in France in 1977, Puy du Fou has invented a new generation of parks that stage history through big shows. Now the brand has come to Spain to develop this concept, inspired by the history of our country, and they chose Toledo for its historical legitimacy, its geographic location and its tourist potential.