Basf inaugurates its worldwide digitalization center in Madrid

It is expected to provide work for over 300 digital specialists in the coming years


The German group Basf, specialized in chemical products, has chosen Madrid to install its new digitalization center, which will provide service to its customers and to all the companies that are part of the conglomerate around the world. To this end, last February it constituted a new company known as Basf Digital Solutions.

At a time when digital transformation has become a key area for ensuring a place in the constant race represented by the global market, the chemical multinational has chosen Spain as its hub for improving its digital capabilities from a center created to shape ideas and develop innovative IT solutions.

Maintaining leadership
The new center will employ over 300 digital specialists when it becomes fully operational in the coming years, with the challenge of maintaining the group's leadership, as highlighted by Christoph Wegner, its Chief Digital Officer: “We want to stay a digital leader in the chemical industry. We need more digital talents with the best digital skills to speed up our digital transformation and achieve this ambitious goal”.

Heading this project is Carles Navarro, Managing Director of Basf in Spain and Portugal, who describes it as a great opportunity: “Together with digital specialists we want to create new digital solutions for BASF’s customers. Spain has plenty of very well-educated digital talents available in the market and we are eager to recruit them”.

Award for digital chemical CEO
The news has been well received by the sector, or this is at least what can be deduced from the award of the Iberquimia Digital prize to Navarro, barely one month after announcing the opening of this new center. Specifically, the award is intended to recognize the innovative work of companies and the best digitalization processes within the sector.

Carles Navarro, director general de Basf en España y Portugal

 Navarro received the award for digital chemical CEO of the year in recognition of the opening of this global center. It was presented by Alicia Richart, general manager of the Spanish Digitalization Association (DigitalES). On receiving it – as shown in the photo – he wished to share the distinction with all the people in his company who work in digitalization, and who were so instrumental in making Spain the chosen country.

“Digitalization is a key element in BASF's new corporate strategy. We want to continue spearheading digitalization in the chemical industry. The global center we are opening in Spain is a great opportunity for us. It highlights the great digital talents we have in the environment and is evidence of the company's commitment to this country”, said Navarro at the awards ceremony.